King's Glade

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OMG…Arithon, at the King's Glade…and the sunchildren…and did I read that right? No more curse for Arithon? Now what? And I'm still only in the beginning of the book!

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In the future, please indicate spoilers in the text of your post, so that it is not read by accident, such as when those of us who have not even received their books are simply checking their e-mails. The full title of your post was not available to me in my Inbox.

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Alas, I have been spoiled :frowning_face: and probably a few others too. Please be more careful. I know that this is exciting, but Janny's fans are definitely not on the same page when it comes to SF. No pun intended.

originally posted by Kimberly Israel

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Spoiler Topic Spoiler Topic (But yes, I agree with Trys - if reading the book, don't read the Spoiler threads!)

Kimberly - I had exactly the same reaction. I absolutely loved the whole depiction of Kyrialt and Arithon's progress to the grove. One detail particularly stood out for me - the spiralling path that guides the King through the frequency change up to the level of Paravians.
I find it incredible that Arithon can, WITHOUT THE FOCUS JEWELS complete the same task that a consecreated, bejeweled Crown King can do. That is powerful.

I wonder: is he going enabling an energy shift, not just in himself, but also in those all around him - that humanity itself will be inspired to lift their vibration so that Atheras mysteries will be supported - see the changes that he has already affected - the improved lives of the Vastmark Shepards, the long, healthy life of Fiark & Feylind, and the recovery of Jinesse & Tharrick - everywhere Arithon goes - though there may be losses, he creates more than he destroys - even returning Sidir and Jeynsa. And… his working at Alestron - how it gave Lysaer a foothold and Sulfin a tactic to keep him from totally succumbing to Desh Thiere - he IS fate's forger, now that he's totally clear of the curse - it was so clearly his distiny in this book.

Also interesting: Lysaer fathered a son, Arithon fathers a daughter. A nice symmetry…

He even influences Davien, a fellowship sorcerer, to recognise how a crowned heir can be a genuine servant of the land, which changes his mindset and allows the healing to happen that restores his physical form. That was wonderful. I was really inspired by this - as I work in alternative healing, it's constantly emphasised how acceptance, gratitude, release and love are the keys to healing. I know in my own journey, pain and suffering have been important lessons on the way, but HEALING is a joyous, thankful explosion of self love and love towards others.

I particularly enjoyed reading the part where Arithon sings to Dakar how the pain and disillusionment are in fact the fallow grounds for rebirth - Osho said: "Transformation comes, like death, in its own time. And, like death, it takes you from one dimension into another." So similar. :smiley:

I so enjoy how Janny imbues her stories with allegories of the cycles of life.

I also get greater insight into my own Reiki practice. In Peril's Gate, she writes:
"Symbols created in sequenced awareness align the will on three planes. Mental, emotional, physical, your actions create the templates for thought and desire to enable manifestation. For the initiate mage, the drawing of the runes set the self in accord, preparing the channel through which invoked power flows." This is such a great explanation of how the Reiki symbols work - and indeed any prayer or invocation - like the rosary or a ritual. These small discussions often help me to understand my own healer experience.

Finally, I like the way that sacred places like the King's Grove are protected by concepts like truth, honesty and reverance for life. There's no threat other than the total surrender to self.

Oh I could go on. :smiley: