King of Amroth

originally posted by Jo

I noticed that the king of Amroth said he had waited 30 years for this moment - refering to Arithon's capture or a s'ffalen's capture why was that? Arithon is only about 21 does that mean that Lysaer is about 33 as their mum ran off with Avar when Lysaer was 3. I actually thought Lysaer was about 24 no reason really. I didn't realise their affair went on for so long.

Any ideas anyone as to what was meant by the 30 years thing.

Hi Jo

I think there was mention somewhere on the board that Avar had already lost his first wife and family to s'Ffalenn predation. Lysaer was the product of his second marriage…

originally posted by Rob

Yeah, the king of Amroth lost his wife and daughter before Talera or Lysaer.

originally posted by Hunter

Does s'Ffalenn predation mean killed by s'Ffalenn? I don't the exact circumstances of these deaths are explained… any more than the death of Arithon's uncle is spelt out…

It could be argued that all the Amroth sailors who died when Arithon was captured, were killed by s'Ffalenn predation even if none were directly killed as such…

originally posted by Annette

I actually always wondered if the king himself was responsible for the death of his first family, and just blamed the s'Ffalenn because they were some how the cause of the argument that lead to their deaths. Why would the wife and daughters be in an unmarked vault?

Look at all the things Lysaer blamed Arithon for that Lysaer himself was responsible for. Both son and father might have been affected the same way by hatred. The king of Amroth was hardly a loving husband to his second wife. For those that have read the later books, maybe the wives of both father and son met similar fates.