Kindle version .99 cents today...

Amazon kindle version of Mistwraith, Ships and Warhost are currently on sale for .99 cents each today, not sure how long this offer will last…it took me by surprise - I knew there was going to be a promotional, thought it was coming after Christmas.

Sorry for the late breaking bulletin!

originally posted by Wayne

Showing now Curse @$.99. /Ships @$ 1.99/ Warhost @ $3.79…

originally posted by Hunter

They all look $10+ to me - am I missing something…

It's the Kindle deal, and I don't know if it's only US Amazon, but it does seem it is still ongoing today. Anyone who can spread the word, please do! The publisher is definitely behind growing the series, and this is one of the efforts to entice new readers to take the plunge.

The titles are on sale for Nook at B&N, too.

originally posted by Annette

They all look the normal price to me as well, but I have all but IT for Kindle anyway. Maybe you have to have an American IP to get specials?

originally posted by Annette

The UK Kindle store has CotM and SM on special, but not as cheap.

It is also listed on Google Play, Booksonboard and Kobo. (the ambush continues :wink: I had no warning this was coming)

originally posted by Izzy

Aussie Google Play store still lists them all full price unfortunately.

originally posted by Hunter

I'm going to try changing delivery address to see if that is causing Amazon to charge full bottle for non-US people…

originally posted by tony

US here, just picked up all 3, but the prices were Curse at $0.99, Ships at $1.99, Warhost at $3.79. Still, a good deal . . .my copy of Curse is currently in two halves from having been read so much . . .

On sale price still going today.

Temporary .99 sale of HarperCollins e books, today, and it appears that Curse of the Mistwraith is included (though it was not in the flyer, it IS on sale at Amazon). es_primary_1_0586210695

Lovely opportunity to introduce new readers!

originally posted by Annette

Not for Aussie's as usual, although I did notice they are releasing the first 3 books together in August for a cheaper price than we usually pay for 3 individual kindle books.

Could be a slightly cheaper way for the Aussies to start the series. But have to wait till August to read them. Why would it take so long to release that new kindle edition?