Khadrim in WoV

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I noticed something in my current re-read of Vastmark. In chapter 3, there is a scene in which Arithon first spots wyvern and mistakes them for Kadhrim. There is a sentence along the lines of he reacts based on his prior near fatal (or near miss, can't remember) experience with Kadrim. Now I swear I paid close attention in my re-reading of Mistwraith and Merior, and I only red them recently, but I have absolutely no recollection of Arithon having met a Kadhrim before … did I miss something?

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I believe it was in Mistwraith while the Princes, Dakar, and Asandir were traveling on their way through Tyson (pass of Orlene?). It was the first time Ariton used Alithiel for its intended purpose and roused the defense wards for the first time protecting him and the horse. Also witnessed by the bard… can't think of his name right now… someone the scarlet?

Time for a re-read!

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Pass of Orlan in the Thaldein Mountains.

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The event involving the khadrim occurred in the Peaks of Tornir.


Flame roared in a crackling whirlwind and entirely engulfed the dun mare. Her rider became an indistinct silhouette, then a shadow lost utterly in the heart of the conflagration. The Khadrim clashed closed its jaws. Hot, seared air dispersed in a coil of oily black smoke, fanned away under the wingbeat of the terrible creature as it swooped and shot back aloft. On the roadway, within a seared circle of carbon, Arithon sat his quivering, mane-singed mare, untouched and cursing in annoyance. Felirin screamed out a stupefied blasphemy. The Khadrim doubled back in mid-air and roared its frustrated rage; while Arithon freed a fist from the reins and finally set hand to his sword. The dark blade slipped from the scabbard

Wurts, Janny (2010-06-24). The Wars of Light and Shadow (1) ’ Curse of the Mistwraith (pp. 138-139). Harper Collins, Inc… Kindle Edition.

And the bard's name is Felirin

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Arithon got a real close look at the only khadrim he has seen so far, as it was about to try and kill him.

But it was Arithon's mage talent and mastery of shadow that saved the horse and himself from the fire. Alithiel's song took care of the khadrim. Never harmed it directly, but the song certainly had a big effect.

I believe we will return to Khadrim sometime in Destiny's Conflict.

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Thanks everyone. Now that the passage is re-printed here, I do have a vague recollection, especially about the rider being an "indistinct silhouette"; for some reason, the Kadrim bit wasn't clear to me when I read it. Not sure how I missed that part, as I was aware of Kadrim and wyverns generally as the topics came up in the book. Great stuff.

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Hopefully my cutting off the scene at that particular spot would trigger a desire to go back and read it again. It's one of my favorite scenes in the early part of this series.

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Yes, Trys. If only it would be simple/easy to find on my e-book version … this is one drawbacks of e-books …

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I can't speak to any e-book version except the Kindle version, but it has a Table of Contents and you would want Chapter V: Ride from West End. It's the second section entitled Peak of Tornir. The Kindle version also has a search capability. I searched for Khadrim.