Kathtairr (spoiler)

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Spoiler, Spoiler, Spoiler, Spoiler, Spoiler

Janny did you mean to just drop that ill spawned anomaly Asandir was dealing with in Kathtair as a teaser to something, or is there something I missed some where that showed why Asandit at such a time of peril thought it best to deal with something on the other side of Athera?

Did I mean every word I ever wrote in this series? :X

originally posted by Annette

Thanks, I will stop re-reading trying to find the elusive clue that sent Asandir on that task.

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Kathtairr is the subject of one of the questions in the FAQ section here (Athera). Just reviewed that page.

Not the first time I read this information,
just the first time it sank in, for some reason.
The drake-fire searing of Kathtairr precedes the Fellowship of Sorcerers,
in fact it precedes the Paravians themselves,
according to Janny's FAQ answer:
the fire at Kathtairr
(according to Destiny's Conflict, the fire came from Cathudokarr, one of the drakes)
led the surviving dragons to their first "dreaming."
The Paravians arrived in the flesh on Athera
in response to that first "dreaming"
which followed the Kathtairr cataclysm.

These layers mean more with every book.