Just bought the entirity of WoLaS

originally posted by Brent Dubroc

I've heard almost nothing but praise for Janny Wurts and her Wars of Light and Shadow series, so I just went ahead and bought all of the currently published books new off of Amazon. It's going tobe the next big series I'll read once I finish up what I'm currently reading, although I do have to say, having read just the prologue to Curse of the Mistwraith I'm eager to get started.

Just one question though, is there anything I'm missing out on having gotten the American editions of the paperback reprints of the series? Any illustrations, forewards or appendices that may have somehow gotten misplaced from the original hardcover printings?

originally posted by Annette

There are no actual current USA editions as far as I know, yours would be imported from the UK.

The nice Meisha Merlin hardback version of Traiter's Knot had some internal colour prints. And a very nice cover. Otherwise apart from a bigger map that is easier to read and one less hardback book they were the same as the paperbacks.

originally posted by Annette

And there are the three short stories you could also collect, if you read the series and decide you want more. They are so far all set before the WoLaS start, but they give an interesting insight into some important events from the past mentioned in the main series.

"Sundering Star"
Under Cover of Darkness (release February 2007)

"Reins of Destiny"
The Solaris Book of New Fantasy

"Child of Prophecy"
Fantasy Masters

If you cannot find the original books they were published in, Janny sells the E Book versions of the short stories on the web store.

I believe there was an appendix on bloodlines and how succession works within the High Kingdoms in the Meisha Merlin hardback but I'm not near my shelf right now. The material serves to deepen your understanding of the world so you won't be missing anything if you don't have it. Most of the detail can be found in the FAQ on this website when you're ready for it anyhow.

originally posted by Annette

The extra appendix on bloodlines, succession and clan heritage was included in the paperback version of Stormed Fortress, so Brent will not miss out on it.

Now Brent will miss out on having all those nice covers on the old books, which especially for the portrait style USA covers I liked.