Janny Wurts Sub-Forum on The SFF Chroncles

originally posted by Clansman

To all fans of things Wurtsian, please be advised that the SFFChronicles has recently created a dedicated Wurts sub-forum, much to my great pleasure. It is a great site generally that talks about fantasy and science fiction in a very open manner, and there is a little bit for everyone. The few of us who have persevered there (I, Grimward (aka Mark), Procrastinator (Greebo), and Dekket (i.d. unknown)), have attracted a few others with a fair bit of positive response.

Still, there are only a few of us, and we would love to have others spice up our speculations.

Please check it out, and join if you like. I would also point out that joining the Chrons means the whole Chrons. It is great to fish around for other things, because there is a lot of stuff to see, and it increases your appreciation of good books.

Have fun, and here is the link:


Make sure that you drop by the Introductions area first, before posting. It is a great site, and a logical extension of what we talk about here, except that it opens up Janny's work for others to see.

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

Am seconding Clanny's statements about "The Chrons". It's a great site in and of its own right. Check it out, register if you like what you see, and hold forth on any topics as you see fit (within the posted rules, of course!).

Then you can look at our musings and tell us that we're all wet when it comes to conjecture… :wink: