Janny Wurts Posters and Prints!

I am pleased to announce that - we have gotten the large format printer up and running!

Therefore, ANY image I have digitally shot can be created as posters and prints. (This applies to Don's stuff, too)

Also, a very large version of Paravia's map.

We are working out price structures, now…and will offer several sizes in a choice of poster or print format (the print will go on fine art paper, and will be signed).

Eventually there will be a website area where orders can be made, set up with a pay pal account.

For now, if you've just gotta have that print - I will be able to accept orders through the Post Office Box, by written check.

Which images are we gonna want to set up first? We've got Taken to Task (see gallery under Dragons) already set.

Since they do take a little set up to match the color settings to the original in our "rip software" I am curious which images will be under demand, first. That way, as we announce the prices, I will stand a chance of being prepared.

Administrator’s Note: Posters and prints can now be ordered through the Maitz and Wurts Studio Shop.

originally posted by Theresa

Oh, Janny–what lovely news! First for me? Grand Conspiracy, hands down! Traitor's Knot comes to mind… and the map, too!

Way too much to choose from, truly!

originally posted by starstorm

How cool!
I'll second Theresa's request for Grand Conspiracy and the map of Athera, but I'd also love a print of Exile's Return, and I have always loved that little painting of Alithiel with the entwined rose that you've brought to the various convention art shows.


originally posted by Blue

Rates, Janny, rates!!!


Does "Don's Stuff" include the covers for the Empire and Riftwar series? I have always loved Mara on "Mistress of the Empire", and Arutha and Anita on "Silverthorn."

As for "Janny's stuff", oh, my GAWD, where to begin?

By the by, how much extra for autographs?

originally posted by HJ


Don's cover for Silverthorn with Arutha and Anita has already been made - a tremendously beautiful fine art print, by Mill Pond Press.The contract for that probably forecloses a competing copy. But the good news is, the Mill Pond edition of 1000 is signed, and and not yet sold out.

If you can't find a local Mill Pond representative (check galleries) Don could sell you one, himself.

All the images requested of mine will be available - looks like Grand Conspiracy gets color corrected first…soon as we work out the price structure.

originally posted by HJ

Yipeee! Happy, happy, happy!

originally posted by Hunter

Definitely a map of Athera…

after that…
- Morgaine at Nehmin
- Peril's Gate
- Firelord
- Thembrel's Oak…

originally posted by Lee Ball


This is my first post, but I follow the news here religiously. Been a fan since I found WoLaS back when there were only three paper backs to pore over :-). I would really like a print of "Exile Returned". This is exciting! - Thank you for making these available.


Welcome out of lurk, Lee Ball! Nice of you to speak up.

We are working out price points, and will have them settled soon. The nice thing about this printer - works like Grand Conspiracy (original painting size 36 inches wide by 23 1/2 inches high) can be done full size. So can Exile's Return, and the Map…cool, eh?

originally posted by Laura Miller


I've been a lurker in the news sections here for the longest time, and have finally decided to come out into the open (I've been following the books for over a decade, ever since I was in junior high). I'm over the moon about Stormed Fortress coming out soon (already ordered my copy!), and I can't begin to express my pleasure at hearing that there will be prints soon (or already?). Hooray!

Following what Lee Ball said, I'd love to see Exile Returned in a print. But my favorite picture of them all is Grand Conspiracy. Any news on how soon these should be available (and how to order them)?

Thanks so much for making these available!

News - we are working on price points…

Plan is to have 3 sizes available, one very inexpensive (and a bit small) one medium sized, and one large (up to the original size of the painting).

There will be two types of paper - a poster version (using basically photographic paper) and an acid free fine art paper (this one takes more ink). Colors would be corrected to the original in either case - but the more archival version on the better paper would come signed.

Then we have to figure a postage and handling fee to pack it, for both domestic and foreign.

I'm looking at a price range between $30.00 US for the smallest poster version on photo paper, up to $110.00 US for the full sized, deluxe signed art print version (which, to give you an idea, would measure 23 and 1/2 high by 36 inches, in the case of Grand Conspiracy, which is the original size of the oil painting).

Then the bit cost for packaging and shipping, and postal run etc…

We are using are epson K3 inks, very light fast and high quality (they guarantee it for 80 years).

The better paper determines the quality.

This is what we are discussing - you are welcome to input feedback. It's a fine line, making the prints available, and doing them to the point where the "sidebar" becomes a business that runs your life and eats into your original creative time.

We will make the map available too, probably at a lesser cost, as the black and white makes for lest cost to us, up front. I may design a "parchment version" that looks like it's on an ancient paper - and that one would cost more.

Just thoughts…we have been "testing" the colors, getting acquainted with the software, and generally learning how to run the printer, which is no small bit of learning curve! Then Don had several museum openings and posters/prints to stock their gift shops, so those projects had to be run first.

Now we are poised to continue with the rest of it. Each print takes quite a bit of tinkering to make the color balance accurate.

originally posted by HJ

Janny, can you give an estimated price for the medium-sized print please?

We're mulling over 30-60-90 for the poster…add twenty to get the fine art paper and signature (50-80-110)

This is tentative.

originally posted by Kam

Will this ship to Australia? T_T

yup. Just have to figure in the appropriate postage.

originally posted by Janko S.

I'm trying to order prints available in the collector's corner but I get no reply from the JAM works email. Could someone please tell me if that email is still valid and if prints are still available?

originally posted by Trys

Ack, Janko… sorry JAMWorks is no longer handling Don and Janny's prints. I missed removing that link. My apologies.

originally posted by Janko S.

That's alright. I'll start saving for the new signed versions so I can get them all when they become available :wink:

originally posted by HJ

Hello, haven't checked the site for a while. Love the latest sneak peak, thank you Janny. Could you tell me if there's any news on the posters please, Janny? I'm still dreaming of a copy of the cover of Grand Conspiracy.

Cheers x HJ