Janny Wurts Interview

originally posted by Frank T Davis

Thanks for the heads up re the on-line interview involving Janny. The interview was exceptionally well done and definitely gave me many additional insights into Janny's personality. I believe these insights will make the reading of her works much more enjoyable. It definitely will influence future readings involving WOLAS.

Janny, thank you very much for taking the time to do the interview. Your assessment of why you switched to MM is very eye opening and makes the long wait much more palatable. I really appreciate the stand which you have taken in dealing with the few large corporate US publishers. Perhaps other authors will have the courage to follow your leadership so that "Returns" can be eliminated. What a waste!

We used to buy most of our books from Books-a-Million when we lived in Baton Rouge. We were able to buy many hardcovers at a deep discount, which was how they dealt with overstocking. Occasionally I was able to pick up an F or SF. It just seems that this is the more optimum way to deal with overstocking. Maybe the book seller loses some money, but with some pencil sharpening most of this could be eliminated.

Finally I was very impressed with your interview skills. You are obviously a very articulate and smart lady. "You know", one of my pet peaves, was seldom if ever used. If I attended conferences, I would definitely make it a point to meet and have a conversation with you.