Janny Wurts Chat Area: Screen Names????

originally posted by Clansman

Here is a question that has been in my brain for a while. When I first became a member of the board, I used my own first name, but I immediately noticed a number of screen names. Eventually, I decided to join in, and took the name "Clansman" because:

1. I liked it;
2. I always liked the clans in WoLaS, and found their fight for not just survival but to maintain the Compact against impossible odds was admirable, though apparently suicidal; and
3. I am a descendant/member of the Highland clan Farquharson, the fighting men of which were practically slaughtered to a man at Culloden, so I could identify with Tal Quorin, and the concept of the winner writing history, no matter who was right or wrong.

The purpose of this thread is to find out the reason, should the user be willing to tell, behind a screen name. You do not need to reveal your real name unless you wish to do so.

For instance, we recently found out the genesis of the Gryphon, for Trystane. But what is the genesis of Trystane? I have always been curious about Laneth Shadow-Walker. And Blue, Hunter, Purple Penny, Sandtiger, Winter…and the rest!

BTW, I can partially guess Darth Jazy: the "Darth" part is easy, as he is a Star Wars fiend! But I don't get the "Jazy" bit. DJ, care to fill us in?

So how about it Paravia.com? Anyone using a screen name willing to tell?

originally posted by DarthJazy

There are four reasons behind my three planned 1 unplanned.

1.) Darth - you got that right im a starwars junky and since darth means lord of all i liked it after reading DarthBane and while the sith are evil not all there view points of things are wrong in my opionon. ie the jedi allow the force to guide them in a blind faith church sorta way while the sith tend to want to control their own destinies and use the force to their own will. from there is where the evil comes being a problem as sith are greedy and care nothing for others which i then stop liking sith.

2.) Jazy - 1 z only never use two so im uniqe. This name was given to me cause i my favorit quote i used to recite when yojnger "groovy groovy jazzy funky pounce bounce dance as we trip in the melotic scene" I also have several DJISMS like groovy chicken, funky turky, Jazy piguin, great groping gorillas, and chipper man eating chipmunks. and these are just a few of the better ones.

3.) DarthJazy - I wanted a unique screen name for everything i do online which is a lot. I figured this would be it. So far I have never seen another DarthJazy and always get it as my pick for a screenname so if you ever see a DarthJazy as a member somewehre or on a board 99.9 percent certain its me.

4.) the unplanned one - I never thought of it till i came here actually when someone called me DJ. it turn out to fit my rl name because my middle initials are D.J. which my parents and family have always called me since im named after my Father Robert D.J. (lst nme omitted)I have tried for year to get my family to start calling me rob or robert as i am called at work but to no avail. I am currently debating as a good joke to change the meaning of my middle names leagly to Darth Jazy

Now for the trivia.

what do you think my real middle names are?

hint for D - means master of or King of

hint for J - means He shall Add/increase

dam i have put to much thought into my name hehe

originally posted by DarthJazy

Change the Hint for D

it actually means "from the meadow" I used the meaning for Robert instead oops

originally posted by Trys


I used to be involved with Misty Lackey fandom. While doing that I developed an online character that was a gryphon (Misty has gryphons in some of her worlds) and he acquired the name Trystane as none of the other variations of Tristan were available as screen names on AOL (not even Drustan which surprised me) where I was a member when I was doing this. So Trystane, or Trys, has remained my moniker ever since.

originally posted by Blue

My full first name is Lynda-Marie, which I have NEVER liked.

Lynda is an alternate spelling of Linda (my mother's name) and Marie (my paternal grandmother) was supposed to be my middle name.

Too many years of being known as "Lin-DUH!" in school wore on my nerves too much, I guess.

Outside of mom's family in the South, no one EVER calls me Lynda-Marie anyway.

Another aspect of my first name I never liked was the Marie part - not because I disliked the name or disrespected my grandmother (whom I never met, by the way), but because my grandmother was an EXTRAORDINARY woman, by all accounts, and I don't think I could EVER be worthy of being named for a woman like her. Kind of a pressure I do NOT need.

When I was working at an answering service between 1990 and 1996, I was called Lynda by my co workers, and I tried using it when clients called in for their messages, "Hi, this is Lynda, may I have your account number please?"

Clients called me everything from Cindy to Wendy to Jennifer (???) and other variations, but NEVER Lynda. I might add that I have no accent, and as far as I know, don't have any speech impediments that might blur the name.

Then the company merged four offices into one, and there were suddenly FIVE Lindas in the office. Since Lynda-Marie seems to be a weird, taboo name that very few people can say, I opted to go by "Blue" my favorite color, and the rest, as they say, is history.

originally posted by Clansman

Okay, we have four. What about the rest of you silent ones?

originally posted by Lyssabits

My name is self-explanatory!

originally posted by Derek Coventry

I seem to have got things back to front when registering so you don't get to see my username, just my real name.
And I have a very close lady friend who also has the pet name of 'Blue'

originally posted by Trys

The software I use to run this chat area shows the 'full name' field with the posts. I have no idea why and so far as I know I've no control over it. So to have a nickname show up enter it there.

originally posted by Clansman


I must be dumb, as the only explanation that I can come up with is something to do with computers (hence the "bits") part. I have no clue as to the genesis of "Lyssa".

I guess Gollum would have eaten me in the caves under the Goblin King's hall.

Could you please self-explain your self-explanatory name?

originally posted by Lyssabits

The genesis of Lyssa is that it's my name. =P Not the bits part, the Lyssa. It's the nickname my father gave me when I was a baby, because I was just a bit of Alyssa. As my twin sister Raina is Raiface. At any rate, it's not as exotic a handle as some of the others here, I figured it wasn't generating any curiosity.

originally posted by DarthJazy

I assumed it had something to do with Lysaer

so any guesses on what D.J. really stands for?

originally posted by Derek Coventry

David John would be the first choice, Dermot Jasper my second…

originally posted by DarthJazy

nope ill give it another day then "do right" thing and spill.

side not my favorit name has always been Natasha because of what it says backwards

originally posted by Clansman


Dale Joshua?

originally posted by Sarah Jump

Daniel Joseph???

originally posted by Clansman

Hey, where's Laneth Shadow Walker? That's got to be the coolest names on the board.

I am guessing that Winter, who is a fellow Canadian, has chosen that one for our famous season??

originally posted by DarthJazy

WTG SARAH you got the Joseph right

Clansman should be able to guess what D is since he is the most famous canadian in america and must always "do right" by law

originally posted by Julie


originally posted by DarthJazy

there ya go julie so you all got it dudley joseph and yes my middle name is dudley
*waits for inevitable jokes* but ill stick to darth jazy