Is Peril's Gate out of print?

originally posted by Auna

A friend of mine is getting into the series and went to try getting a copy of Peril's Gate only to discover prices are $20 dollars for paperback and $65 hardback. That's unfortunately a bit too pricey for her at this time.

So is Peril's Gate no longer in print?

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Oh noes! D= Peril's Gate is the only one I don't have in hardback! T_T If it's that high I'm gonna have to go trolling the used bookstores.

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It probably doesn't help much if you're in the States, but is selling new copies.

If that's not an option and you can't find it new anywhere else, I highly recommend Advanced Book Exchange as a means to find a used copy. That's where I found all of the British edition trade paperbacks prior to when I started buying both the US and UK editions new with Peril's Gate :smiley:


originally posted by Auna

She finally snagged a hardback in some dusty corner for pretty cheap after a lot of searching.

I'd suggest getting it now vs later unless there are plans to reprint this (hope?).

I best take care of my copy!

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…oO in USA out of Print?!

HARRY POTTER SUCKS - Janny Wurts is better! 100times better!

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Aside from the latest book which depends on the final book for me, I really enjoyed the Harry Potter books. Different authors for different moods works beautifully! :smiley:

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Oooops. I don't mind you saying how good Janny's books are but really would rather not see negative posts about other books. Well thought out critiques are much preferred and should be done in the Book Nook topic :smiley:

Jeff Watson