Into the Black

Announcement, those who follow short stories:

I have a new one coming out! Into the Black is a little science fiction story that will come out as part of an anthology titled LIFTPORT, that centers around the concept of creating a space elevator.

The book will be a Meisha Merlin release, is due out in October, and is edited by Michael Laine and Bill Fawcett.

From what I understand, it will be a combination of fiction, non fiction, and essays surrounding the feasibility of this innovation.

originally posted by Sandtiger

OOOOOHHH. I missed this post! Wonderful news!~



originally posted by Blue

Something to keep me occupied instead of whining at you about SF?

Good m :smiley: ve!

Well, the latest word on the Liftport book - it's off press and about to hit the shelves and warehouses! As of today when I inquired, it could appear as soon as a week and a half!

Soooo - you space project SF enthusiasts - check out the cool stories (and one by yours truly, too)

originally posted by Mark Timmony

MM have a "Liftport: The Space Elevator - Opening Space to Everyone", available for sale now (well my US suppliers tell they have it in stock if I want it). :smiley: