Interesting magecraft

originally posted by Timothy

I have been rereading GC, and wanted to point out some of the interesting points I noticed in the spells in this book.

1. Hair is important
Hair seems to be a very important part of spellcraft. In Fugitive Prince, Morriel's spells were linked to three pieces of stubble that fell on the ground when he was shaving. Morriel's spell to prompt Dakar's vision was based on a hair that was stolen by a doxy. Jieret was very careful and about to burn all of Arithon's hair in Peril's Gate, only to be stopped as Arithon wanted to use it. So… shouldn't clanborn people be very paranoid/careful that your hair doesn't get into the wrong hands?

2. Unusual visions
When Morriel unleashed her vicious attack on Athera, the final vision the seeress had before her crystal shattered was of Sethvir in Althain creating spells to protect grimwards. How was she able to see into Althain? Wouldn't Paravian spells prevent Koriani from seeing something like that?

Back to Dakar's vision that Morriel manipulated, would Morriel have been able to see the vision? Dakar's sight is very powerful; in his vision of Fionn Areth's execution, I would bet that if he had been paying attention, he would have noticed that the executioner was actually Arithon. Would Morriel have been able to see with such detail? Would she have seen Dakar's vision at the same time?

Another interesting example of visions was Davien's 'surveillance' inside his chamber when we first met him. When I first read it, I didn't understand the connections between the visions. This time, as I read it carefully, I realized that each vision foretold important points in Peril's Gate and Traitor's Knot. As Sethvir pointed out in Traitor's Knot, Davien realized that necromancers took advantage of Lysaer when the lanes went haywire. His visions of Khadrim and of Cerebelds anger at Kevor showed that he realized that Kevor's life was probably in danger. I thought that was really cool! How awesome is the subtle forshadowing that you would never notice!

Now what I am wondering is if Davien's prompting of Jieret's sight (at least, I'm assuming that Davien prompted his sight) shows that he also realized that Arithon would end up at Kewar. I have a feeling that this vision was similar to what Morriel did to Dakar, only this was according to the Law of the Major Balance. In other words, Davien just pointed Jieret's sight in the right direction. So, would Davien had known by himself that Arithon was going to end up at Kewar? Or did Jieret's sight uncover that, causing Davien to make plans to help Arithon along?

So, I don't know if this makes any sense or not. Janny, did I read into your intent correctly? I remember how initially some people complained that you didn't set up necromancy enough, but now after re-reading I can see just HOW MUCH you were preparing for it all along.

I'm going to go find my hair clippings now and start burning them. :grin: And where did that weird dream come from last night?

originally posted by Trys


It's likely not just hair but anything that would carry the stamp of one's Name. Fingernail clippings would probably work also.

Regarding the details in the text, it's why no one should ever, ever, ever read any scene too quickly. There will be information in that scene that either plays to the future or denoues the past. :smiley:


originally posted by Timothy

What if a hair fell naturally? perhaps it is only effective if it is clipped/cut? It certainly would be impossible to prevent your hair from falling off.

originally posted by Trys

The only significance of the body part is that it has the owner's Name associated with it. So a hair that falls naturally or is pulled from the head by a brush, a nail clipping, etc. could be used with equal effectiveness.

The difficulty with finding a fallen hair would be identifying the owner unless you saw it fall. Without knowledge of whose hair it is I can't see how Name can be invoked. Equally if you don't know the person's name (i.e., you know the person under a pseudonym) the magic probably wouldn't work.

Note: all of this is based on my understanding of how witchcraft and ceremonial magic are practiced in this world and I see a great deal of similarity with how it is practiced in Athera.


Timothy - if there were complaints about the "set up" of the necromancy, they didn't happen here???

And if they did - it could be that in FACT - the people who said this skimmed over the salient points, thinking those earlier scenes were just window dressing. I have Said Before - that things introduced are never arbitrary, but there for a reason, and that "backdrop detail" will play forward, every time…

One hopes that the explosive stuff in Stormed Fortress will have the impact – because some of the little stuff that carried Way Back will play live…but then, a recap of each volume WILL show you more unveilings, after each subsequent story…

(Why DOES she write with such circle within circle complexity…tap on the author head, wondering…)

I tried to write a SIMPLE, STRAIGHTFORWARD ADVENTURE for the lark of it, and got Hell's Chasm…

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…which is just begging for to be more of a story…

Just accept and be damned! *grin*

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What could she mean this time?!? *grin*

From rereading some of GC today…How on Athera did the Koriani get their hands on dragon skull wards? Surely the drakes are capable of immediate and dreadful vengence if they so choose? Based on the fact thay they put a pretty mean contract together when they are so inclined.

If and when the paravians return would Lysaer be obliged to answer to them for the wards? Would they educate him rather than punish? Would he believe them if a discussion occured in private? Would the paravians negotiate? They are not vindictive it seems. Presumably they negotiated with the F7 originally?

And if so does the religion of light seem an appropriate vehicle to put in place some new rules/guidelines for humanity in the absence of clan/royal lines. After all, it's only human issue; perhaps the paravians would let them belief whatever they want as long as the planet is in one piece.

originally posted by Catherine

It would be interesting to see if Enithen Tuer is the Koriani sister who misplaced the dragon skulls. She seems very knowledgeable and obviously was used by necromancy. She needed the Bieder knife to keep possession away.

originally posted by Neil

Enithen Tuer seemed a "good ol' stick" and a friend to the fellowship to boot.

Dis we know her age? I'm not sure she had a life span that long.

The dragon skulls were lost in the uprising (I think?) 500+ years ago.

The curious thing is how the koriani had them at all. Did they create the wards I wonder? Seems a nasty sort of magic that not even the koriani stoop to? Would they have been keeping them safe? Presumably the F7 do not have freedom / time to intervene on such matters?

originally posted by Angus

You have to remember that you are talking about the Twisted Sisters here. They are interested in power, and in overthrowing the ocmpact. Ol' Morriel, who is as bad as a necromancer for taking over the body of that little girl (I forget her name), would certainly stoop that low, becuase she has already proven that she is capable of this kind of power-hungry groping. She definitely justifies means by the ends.

How come we're talking about dragon skulls? Have they been found? Of course, it looks like we are going to see a live drake in November (or earlier if we ever get our storming of Galaxy off the ground). What can these skulls do?