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Happy New Year!

The status of this book - I am a chunk of the way into Chapter Set two.

It's off to an interesting start. :smiley: Get a nice, soft carpet, or a cushy place to read. The jaw droppers won't hurt so much…:smiley:

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Oh you wicked, wicked temptress! ;^) Have you no pity for those who may be still recovering from excess libations of the New Year??

Great news sis! Especially on this bleary morning here at work on the Left Coast… *sniff* *sniff* hmmm… someone is heating up bacon… must go investigate…

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Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you…

It is so good to know that SF's sequel is started.

And SF? I am almost finished (I don't know about the rest of you, but I find it hard to get decent reading time. Fifteen minutes here and there just doesn't cut it for this book. You need at least an hour, because so much happens in just a few pages). Best book of the series, and that is really saying something, although I probably feel this way because so many loose ends are tied up. SF just has amazing developments that none of us predicted.

Thanks Janny. You are too good to us.

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Yes, she is good to us, but also WICKED, in teasing us so. :smiley:

The mind boggles - WHAT is going to happen to our angst-ridden Masterbard NEXT?!?

I am expecting to have to put corks in my ears so that when my mind is BLOWN, it won't make such a mess.

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Blue, ye crack me up! That cork visual is going to go in-and-out all day and create much giggles. :smiley:

Also, I agree Clansman - SF was the best book by far, but I'm putting that down to the sating of thirst for Janny-writings.

I've been having withdrawels since I snapped up TK and left a barren expanse of Time in between publications…

Now that it's been well over a month since I've finished SF, I'm considering re-joining JannAnon, for those who need that regular dose of Jannyness or go crazy!

Chapter Set two Janny? Is a Chapter "Set" the three sub-chapters that collectively make a 'Chapter'?

originally posted by Clansman

Chapter Set? Seems to me that would be a set of chapters, i.e. as in a few chapters.

You'd better let us know, Janny, as we have precious little to hang on to until Arc IV, vol. 1 is in our hands. We're an impatient lot, when it comes to waiting for your books. Though they are worth the wait, it is precisely this worth that makes the wait so hard.

How about a title? I imagine that comes more to the end of the creative process, after you have seen how the book has developed, but I can't help but ask.

Ah, to put you out of your yelping misery (author rubbing hands over the howls of anticipation part)

A Chapter Set consists of a Main chapter with a roman numeral head, two sub chapters, and three one liners…A chapter set's worth of material can run from 60 to 75 pages, manuscript.

originally posted by Clansman

When my son (who is 3) does not like something that I or my wife do or say to him, he replies with (quite disrespectfully) "You're mean!"

Janny, with all due respect: You're mean!

I guess I was hoping for too much when I asked for a title.

I am still daring to hope.

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I shall join my Hope in with Clansman and try to use the Force to influence her that she wants to give us the title. Then again this may not be the title we are looking for.

Im off to finish work and start reading book two of the new starwars set. everyone be forwarned for many Starwars probverbs in the months ahead.

Janny one question out of context?

Which do you think is harder cause I cant decide.

Keeping track of all the minute details of your great series which is as big as some starwars series already all by yourself. (impressive most impressive)


Having over 15 or more different authers writing for the Expanded Universe of starwars and yet some how keeping the little details exact to the story line and so far I have not caught a goof up. I am not counting the books predating the Original Triolgy. I had to draw the line somewhere in the story.

My last question which you may know the answer cause i cant find one. How in the name of all that is in the force can so many different authors keep track of such a large story and not goof each other up at some point?

originally posted by Lyssabits

I don't think they do keep track, I think they goof up all the time. I bet there are whole forums devoted to people arguing over which stories should be considered canon and which shouldn't.

It's criminal though that we have to put up with midichlorians. How I wish that was the invention of some non-canonical author.

originally posted by DarthJazy

Having read most of the major books the main story is intact and no errors. The only thing I know for sure is that in order to write a starwars novel you are required to read all other books. I had thought GL the mighty may have been the final editor for this but i don't think he would have that amount of time to devote.

originally posted by Pene Lawrence

New addition to chat so hopefully not too embarrassing an entrance. Janny, loved SF and cannot wait for next encounters. Have not gotten into a series quite as much as this one before and am always elated at finishing one and having so much more information on plot but also disappointed that the wait until next release is at least twelve months. (Australia always receives their copies after UK)… Anyway thankyou and cannot wait

originally posted by Hunter

Pene - Harper Collins Australia released Stormed Fortress a few days before the HC UK release. We (deserving Aust/Kiwi readers) get the UK version (same cover, spelling, etc.) as Janny's contract with HC covers UK, Aust and NZ. So when Arc IV, Book I (aka The Wars of Light and Shadow: Volume IX) hits the shelves in Old Blighty, we out here in the colonies may already have our copies…

FYI - If you check release dates, you'll also see that WoLaS books are usually minimum two years apart due to the complexity of the writing (done by Janny), cover and internal artwork (also done by Janny - UK FP cover was done by Don) and the production scheduling of the publishing company (after they get the final manuscript and schedule it amongst all their other books to be published) which all impact on when a book might be released to us dear readers.

Welcome here Pene Lawrence - always cool to see a new face here! And a new friend of the series, even if I don't have a chance of writing as fast as you readers eat them up. :smiley:

One does one's best - !

originally posted by Susan Brown

Another new addition to the chat but not a new reader!!! I have just finished a second reading of SF…I loved it, thank you Janny.

After the first reading I went back and re-read 'Peril's Gate' and 'Traitor's Knot'…*sheepish grin* …well there were things I couldn't remember and as I am on hols I have some time to read.

I'm looking forward to tracking the next Arc in this intriguing work…ciao Sue

Hi Susan Brown - welcome here!

Next Arc - it will be a bit more explosive than intriguing, I expect…I'll BET you saw more in the earlier volumes, post Stormed Fortress…:smiley:

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Well, I started reading with Mistwraith in 1996 (or whenever it was published), but fell off the bandwagon a few years ago, but now i'm back (not that i've ever posted here before). To my surprise and amazement I have traitors knot and stormed fortress to read now. I have a question though (and apologies if this is up in a FAQ somewhere) but all the books seem to be out of print in the us now, as far as new copies, so does janny currently not have a us publisher, is in the progress of getting a new deal, or what? Maybe someone could fill me in. I don't know about this whole five arc 500 year span though… characters i like keep dying…maybe janny and GRR could do a collaboration. j/k :smiley:

anyways nice to meet you all.

carl - welcome here -

You will need to be careful, that you don't spoil your read if you haven't gotten Traitor's Knot and Stormed Fortress. These books rip forward, converging plot threads and winding up what was seeded in the prior volumes of the Alliance of Light.

There will be characters you love who survive, I promise - :wink: - absolutely, mine choose where they end up, as you will see when you get there.

I have no publisher in the USA at the moment. When the timing is right, I will seek a new deal, definitely. Note: when the timing is right. At this moment, the entire series is available from HarperCollins in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Passed the 100 page mark, today…the first hurdle, since, I sometimes feel, the first stage is the hardest.

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Thats good news Janny. Thank you for the update. I often check here to see where you are - finally finished SF and was just stunned - planning to read again because of all that went on and my haste to read - plus I glean new information everytime I read one of your books.