Initiate's Trial mass market paperback, on sale today in the USA

Hop out and grab one - or at least, celebrate with me!

originally posted by Joy

Nice one Janny, congratulations!
I've got another friend now reading COTM - I envy them the journey ahead… reading each book for the first time :smiley:

Joy, that is just lovely to hear!

There should be LOTS of new readers joining your friend - HarperCollins 360 is putting some weight behind the series - and they've got all sorts of things going, including a new fan page on FaceBook with excerpts.

Anyone have friends who are on the fence about this book? This reviewer gets it:

(sure made my day)

originally posted by Annette

And for the lucky local fans who live out Janny's way, a book signing is scheduled for a bit later in the month.
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originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

Regarding the reviewer, for the most part I agree. I would take exception with the one point made regarding a review of what has gone before:

"It’s a shame that the new novel doesn’t include a summary of the events that happened in previous books, like many of the earlier installments in the series did. Because this is such a complex tale, it would have been helpful to be able to review that information, especially at the start of a new arc."

My argument here is that I enjoyed watching Arithon re-develop as a character, and even the hint/reminder/review/what-have-you incorporated within the beginning pages of Initiate's Trial would have soured that "fresh start" for me (once I got into Arithon's re-development, that is; didn't know it was coming beforehand!). In other words (and maybe this is how you intended it, Madam Talespinner, but I wouldn't presume!), being reminded, even in synopsis form, of what Arithon had been previously would not have helped me see him as the simple, amnesia-ridden wanderer he thinks himself to be at the beginning of the story. Of course, anyone who has read the previous books KNOWS better, but suspended disbelief (if I may borrow the term) was a catalyst of sorts to his "re-boot".

Wouldn't argue that the synopsis would definitely be helpful to anyone trying to read Initiate's Trail as a standalone story, but not sure how many folks do that with Book 9 of a series…

originally posted by Hunter

I like the books where there is a prior events summary - it is presumably written to include the salient points from what has gone on previously and perhaps as a guide of what from the myriad story to date is pertinent to recall. If you re-read all the books prior to the release of the next book, then it's probably not necessary but I'm not sure how many reader do do that and there is an awful lot of backstory to recall that a summary would help dredge out of the memory banks.

One wonders how many different ways are left to traumatise Arithon… I would have thought after Kewar he was probably about done…

originally posted by Sleo

Well I don't know about being done with trauma with Kewar. I think what happened at the end of Stormed Fortress was pretty traumatic.

My own feelings about a summary are first - YES, that would have been nice. Then, NO! I agree with Mark. I was frustrated throughout the book and anxious for him to REMEMBER! but think it's just my own usual impatience to know what happens next whenever I read a book or series. I am not a person who objects to spoilers, and often read ahead to see what happens.

I've reread the series 3 times now and don't begin to remember all the detail that Annette does. I look forward to another read before Destiny's Conflict comes out. With a series as rich in intricate plotting and subtlety as this one, I don't see how anyone could enjoy it properly without a few rereads.

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

Re Arithon's trauma, I (in turn?!) agree with Sleo, and would also offer Grey Kralovir. Given a choice between that and Davien's maze, I might easily choose the maze!

Also agree about the re-reads. Always something I missed the previous times, or a nuance that repaints itself in a different hue, knowing now what I didn't the last time.

originally posted by Annette


One wonders how many different ways are left to traumatise Arithon… I would have thought after Kewar he was probably about done…

Janny will really be going for the heart strings on the next book, so Arithon has a bit more to struggle through yet.

I preferred the fresh start with Initiate's Trial, we learned the important bits from the past through reading anyway, so why start the book with ancient history. If we forgot, we get to remember when it comes up while reading.

originally posted by Walt

Re-reading has been an absolute joy for all of this series. Janny's work is fresh for me everytime I re-read it. New shadings are revealed with each finished volume. I am constantly amazed at how far-reaching Janny's story telling is; how you can see everything tying back to the beginning. Truly, Janny has captured (knowingly or not) Steven Covey's maxim: "Begin with the end in mind." The entire saga spreads out as an unbroken tapestry from beginning to end.

I look forward to every re-reading as take great delight in discovering a new previously unremarked passage that suddenly glitters in bright new detail that completly shades the characters differenlty than before.

It's been a long, long journey since COTM, but oh, how rich is the reward!