If there were to be an audio edition....

Hey folks - need you to check in on this: if there were to be an audio edition made of VOL I - would you jump in to support it?

Help make my case…

originally posted by Sleo

Absolutely! I’ve already nagged them about the whole series!

originally posted by Ypso

Of course! Being able to listen to an audio edition would be nothing short of fantastic.

originally posted by Melanie Trumbull

What a great idea!
It would boost the entire series of stories
to have an audiobook
that begins at the beginning of the series.
I'm all for it!

Pre-order page for Destiny's Conflict's audio production is now live in the USA (dunno about elsewhere, yet).

I was told if 'there is sufficient interest shown' they'll do more - and I am making my case, NOW, for Curse of the Mistwraith.

Be so damned cool if we could spring them off the dime with a rush of preorders…!!!

https://www.audible.com/pd/Sci-Fi-Fantasy/Destinys-Conflict-Book-Two-of-Sword-of -the-Canon-Audiobook/B077MX8S7L?ref_=a_search_c4_6_2_srTtl&qid=1511552459&sr=6-2

OK, guys, here is the word from ON HIGH - I could not get them to switch out Destiny's Conflict for Vol 1, they are bent on doing audio side by side with print books, here on out.

So here we go: They WILL! base starting the series from vol I BASED ON reader response to sales of the audio edition of Destiny's Conflict.

So: it feels like a damned kickstarter plug, but here we are: Hit the Magic Number of Pre-orders on Destiny's Conflict, and we trigger audio for the earlier volumes.

I am trying to find out what that "magic number' is - meantime, GO TEAM!

I posted the US link on the Janny Wurts Face Book Page. SHARE IT, if you are willing. Get out the word.

If you are in Australia, Canada, UK, NZ, etc, let me know when pre order pages pop up for audio for Destiny's Conflict, and I will put them out on my feed.

I am gunning hard for this because 1/it would make me, and many of you happy, and 2/it WOULD bring in new readers because of the adult theme, many folks who'd love this just don't have time except on their commute and 3/MY HUSBAND - only listens to audio/no time to read at all…it would make the household overjoyed, since he's missed out on alot of what this series has to offer.

Thank you profoundly for every one of you who's taken time already to support this - I am SO hopeful to get a break through, here. Meantime: the solid beginning is out for test/Song of the Mysteries, so writing goes on.

originally posted by Annette

I preordered it from the audible link a while ago.

I never expected them to change Destiny's Conflict for CotM, but Janny you could remind them that they had the audio book tag on the back of Initiate's Trial, and failed to deliver the audio book we expected to be able to buy. They could at least do audio books for the last two books, while waiting to see how the sales go.

Annette - I was unaware of the 'tag' for the audio on the back of Initiate's Trial…wondering if the copy I have has it…thanks. (Ammo)