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I have a older brother. He's an avid reader (mainly Wheel of Time) but generally he picks up and reads whatever's on my bookshelf. This way I have introduced him to the talents of Robin Hobb, Raymond E Feist and etc.

I had the faint hopes of fositering Janny upon him many years ago, but he never really appreciated it - "too wordy, bored."

These days I haven't had the time to go to a library and borrow fresh books. We've had a novel drought in our house for 2 years now and out of desperation he says to me: "I think I'll read this Wars of Light and Shadow in order this time. I've always picked them up one by one and never understood what was going on."

He finished all of them in about 1 week; reading on the bus… on lunch breaks… in the bathroom (zomg, get out!)

We even had a really good discussion about Davien's motives and why Lysaer is more "emo" than Arithon.

Yesterday he says to me: "You know, this Janny is a really good author."

I am happy.

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Another crusader for the Janny Alliance…!


I wish I could wipe my memories of the books, so I could start all over again…

Kam - bless you for this - thanks! :smiley:

All of them in ONE WEEK? (shakes head.) He must have done what I did with Tolkein - used a flashlight under the bed!!! (parents wondering WHY I was using all my savings on more batteries)

One week - author muttering - I will NEVER keep up, although I have 11 set of Stormed Fortress rolling on…

Your brother - he'd be welcome here, too. Must've been one amazing trip, all that ground compressed on end to end reading of each volume…this will be the future for readers, once the series is done. I have to say, I did spend a second's thought wondering about how it would "play" given the Book Nook post re: reading another massive series end to end - and reported shell shock from that experience.

Though by gosh, the test reads that have been with me for volumes are STILL getting whapped (in a good way) by Stormed Fortress's plot twists…the author can earnestly hope they are working! :smiley: (consider that a very pleased grin)

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Just wondering how old was Arithon and Lysaer when they drank from Davien's fountain. Am I right in thinking that Arithon must be about 4 years younger than Lysaer. My thought is that maybe Arithon was 25 and Lysaer 29-30?