How to find a paper back copy in the US

originally posted by Denise Cooper

I have tried all the "where to find online" links. None have them. states they don't know when or IF they will get another copy. So how can I get one? I want paper back as I have RA in my hands and can't hold a hard back copy well.
Any advice is appreciated!

originally posted by PurplePenny has two paperbacks listed. One is the large sized edition and the other the small mass-market edition. =ed_oe_p

They have the small edition still in stock and they will ship to the States but I think that the postage might be very high.

BUT… if you look at the "New and used" link and scroll right to the bottom, the last seller on the list (Caimanzone_uk) is based in Florida! Maybe you could contact them.

originally posted by PurplePenny

BTW - it says that it will be a new copy, not second-hand (which is better as it adds to sales numbers :smiley:).

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I remember someone posting here about a UK bookseller who ships *worldwide* for free. I just looked at their site, and it appears that not only do they have the mass market paperback of Stormed Fortress (at least, the ISBN is slightly different from my trade version), but they apparently *do* still ship for free to anywhere in the world. I've never ordered from them because I already had SF when the link was posted, but you might check them out if you don't want to wait for the US edition.

Hope that helps…


originally posted by Denise Cooper

I just order it!!! Thank you so much!