How To Art Books - available now

Just a quick note to mention two art books, with gallery sections and a "how to" theme that Don and I both contributed artwork to, among many names in the field.

The Fantasy Art Bible, edited by Jane Moseley and Kackie Strachan from Chartwell Books, Inc. ISBN: 13-978-0-7858-2552-4

And also: Dragon Art by Graeme Aymer USRI=dragon+art

originally posted by Annette

I just noticed the art books including the The Future of Fantasy Art one. As a WoLaS fan did any of your art for the series make it into these art books, and if so was it anything we might not have seen?

Annette - mostly other work; nothing you haven't seen. THAT is kept here, for the 'Athera' only book that is, as yet, a happy dream.

originally posted by Annette

Thanks Janny, I ever have the money to spare I might buy them anyway, the dragon one looked quite nice. :smiley:

I at least have your card series, so have seen some of your early Athera work. Patiently waiting to see if the Athera book ever becomes a reality.

Well, I am no so patiently waiting. I'm adding to the pile of pictures, stomping my foot. :smiley: