How the True Sect views Koriani

originally posted by Brian K Mulvey

I have a question for either a member here or for Janny, whoever may have the time to answer. Thanks in advance.

I'm guessing this is another simple thing I've forgotten over time, being the reader of so many books:

As I'm closing in on the end of Initiate's Trial, it occurs to me to wonder why, if the True Sect hunts down practitioners of arcane arts, why are they not making the Koriathain their #1 priority? Or the Fellowship for that matter?

I'm guessing they wouldn't go after the Fellowship because they would quite simply get their you-know-whats handed to them, but why not the Koriathain? Does the Sect not bother those women because they consider them an actual, shall we say, "professional" organization? Like an official-type organization? And despite that possibility, there is a conversation between The Hatchet and a Koriani woman in which he refers to her magic as "vile."

So here he is, thinking her practice is vile, and he's part of the Sect, and yet he is not attempting to arrest her and put her to the torch.

I can come up with other possibilities that make sense of this, but it would be nice to hear something more than my guesses.

originally posted by Annette

Elaira was not that keen to advertise she was Koriani, and all the Koriani we saw in public seemed to be pretending to be something else. They were not openly advertising their presence.

Perhaps the Koriani are still too large and organised for the True Sect to tackle, or perhaps the witches are just too good at manipulating the True Sect. But the Koriani do not seem to have as obvious a presence as they used to have. Perhaps public opinion against them has gotten stronger?

And apart from that the Korinani have nothing to do with the second age mysteries, which seems to be what most foul things on the planet are trying to destroy. Why go after a group who's goal is the same end? Perhaps they look on them as potential allies.

Brian, you asked:

you will note in the fine points of Initiate's Trial, the Koriathain have their ways of influencing the 'priesthood' - that's one of the primary reasons - so keep watching that space.

The fact they are too powerfully defended is another. Even the Fellowship handle them carefully…

originally posted by Brian K Mulvey

Thanks for both of your responses.

And yes near the end of the book I did pointedly note a particular passage in which the Fellowship was shown to be treading carefully around them (this was after I typed my question above). This kind of surprised me; if the Fellowship is cautious, then anyone should be.