Holiday Wishes

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

Well, there's already a thread for Christmas, but it didn't seem logical to Wish You All a Happy and Peaceful Easter there, so please accept this offering, instead! May all of your eggs be large enough to hold the Wurtsian offering of your choice…

*contemplates the massive egg necessary to contain the omnibus hardcover Ships of Merior and feels sorry for the bunny that has to deliver that one!*

Happy Easter, Mark!

Worse, if the hen had to deliver such, in an egg…lookout!!! We'll have animal fights groups (that was not a typo) after us for the cracking of cruel jokes, with our four footed friends made the butt.

How I hate political correctness…and how ridiculously punchy can I get??? (She's probably high on those little chocolates in foil, again! Or she has a cat on her back, which is it?)

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

A little of both perhaps, Madam Talespinner, but if the feline scratches the scapular spot which yields more chapters, it is to be encouraged! :smiley:

And yes, h-e-double-hockey-sticks hath no fury like barnyard fowl scorned…

*Beats a hasty retreat to avoid the rotten produce which suddenly litters the air around him, sneaking one last sentiment in as he departs…*

Hope your Easter was good, ma'am, and thank you again for bringing us all such wonderful tales.

You're welcome, Easter was a nice break - we now have 2 little Sandhill Crane chicks, pecking in the east pasture - very near to the egg, they are just little puffs of down with beaks and feet. The parent birds looked very proud, guarding them.

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

Wishing all a happy (Safe!) Independence Day, for those who celebrate it on July 4th. For those who don't, may you have a happy and safe…well…July 4th! :wink:

Will be in a shack WAYY down the Chesapeake Bay on Hungar's Creek (Creek! It's wider than the Potomac at the place where the shack is!) for the next several days, and quite out of internet (sometimes even cell phone!) contact. Am expecting to continue my streak of catching exactly no fish (4 years running…it's a good thing I don't have to fish for survival!).

Haven't seen any cranes there yet, but plenty of herons…

Mark Stephen Kominski - enjoy!

Wow, I sailed on the Chesapeake and into such creeks aplenty, growing up - I hope the Bay waters are into recovery. I recall when they were clear, and you could wade barefoot through acres of grass bottom, netting soft shell crabs (which others ate, YUK!) and fishing for the most tasty rock stripers and red snapper, cooking them up on the grill.

I found arrowheads, then, too, on the shores after storms, where the pebbles washed up.

What a 4th of July!