Hidden Peep

originally posted by Annette

Thought I would add a link to this little snippet so others could see it later. A hidden peep at what Janny was writing the other day. Comes with a bit of a story of its own as you will see.

Starts with a bird.
https://www.facebook.com/JannyWurts/photos/a.274462809331879.57196.2605385240576 41/701966409914848/?type=1&theater

Look at what Janny's reply was to the first comment. Click on the picture.

originally posted by David Cornelson

That was an excellent little cartoon. You could give Breathed a run for his money.

originally posted by David Cornelson

Now I'm seeing Arithon and Lysaer laying in the Meadow with Binkley and Opus blowing dandelions into the breeze.