Here Be Dragons (spoiler topic)

originally posted by Melanie Trumbull


I think the Great Drakes a/k/a Dragons of WoLaS deserve
a spoiler thread all to their very own selves.

After all, the dragons get teased through volume after volume of this series of books.
The first time we get a look at a real live dragon
is the EIGHTH book.

Even to open a dragons thread, therefore,
is to risk spoilers for new readers!

So here is room to hash over anything and everything about dragons on Athera.
Or wherever dragons turn up,
including beyond Northgate.

For a start, what dragons are we acquainted with?

Seshkrozchiel, female, still living.

Haspastion, male, Seshkrozchiel's mate, dead, with his own grimward (his unquiet spirit)

Alqwerik, male, dead. Has his own grimward.

Chaimistarizog, male, still living, getting pretty old. Gatekeeper beyond North Gate.
We have yet to see him.

Eckracken, King Drake, male, long dead.
Has his own grimward.
Is he "the Eldest", instrumental in summoning the seven sorcerers?

Cathudokarr. Dead. Fired and rendered barren, Kathtairr.
Not certain, but possibly:
female, and Eckracken's mate.

Who did I forget?

originally posted by Annette


It was Cathukodarr, last dragon name one was misspelled. I personally think it is most likely a male dragon.

There was an obscure reference in the CotM glossary, under Enastir for a Great Gethorn. I thought that death might have been misleading, and also maybe it was a khadrim or some other drake spawn. But why would one be Named?

originally posted by Melanie Trumbull


And then, how about those grimwards?

When this series started, there were eighteen of them.
On a spoiler thread somewhere, on this chat board,
I recall seeing that one grimward is on an ocean floor!
Remember that?

The other 17 grimwards are above water / on land.

The WoLaS narrative has acquainted the readers well
with the Scarpdale grimward,
especially when the living Seshkrozchiel, with an incarnate Sorcerer and a sort-of discarnate Sorcerer,
went into the grimward in order to confront
the haunting dragon spirit, and ended up
releasing the spirit into an afterlife, liberating it
from confinement in the grimward.
This dead dragon was killed before it could be Named.

So that's two grimwards out of eighteen.

Then we have:
location, Radmoore: dragon, Haspastion
location, Salt Fens: dragon, Eckracken
location, Kathtairr: dragon, "Eckracken's mate"
? dragon, Alqwerik

Six out of eighteen. Did I forget anybody?

originally posted by Neil

a line I missed the first time in DC:

in …pursuit…of a sink-hole through time…doings of dragons…

The F7 wanted Sesh to stay sleeping too? (as per Traithe comment) I wonder whether humanity has narrowly escaped dragon retribution throughout the third age with F7 being evasive?

originally posted by Annette

In Stormed Fortress, Davien was also careful to keep Sesh's attention away from what was happening at Alestron.

originally posted by Judy

I had the impression Davien was keeping her attention away from Arithon, specifically, not the battle in general. There was an earlier reference to the same 'avoidance of Arithon' but I can't remember where. I just started a reread, so I'll come across it eventually 😀

originally posted by Melanie Trumbull

Yes, Judy,
I remember something about a Sorcerer
– might have been Sethvir, that time,
rather than Davien –
expressing relief that
Seshkrozchiel had not seen

what was it

"the fatal glory of Arithon's aura, intact."
Remember that one?

originally posted by Annette

Seems encountering the fatal glory of Arithon's aura intact bit is yet to occur. But Davien was also keeping Seshy away from what was happening at Alestron. Mans busy destructive doings, endangering Athera's mysteries.

Maybe it would be hard for Arithon to change the world's order, with a dragon guarding him? Or if Seshy decided a roast would solve Athera'a problems? I think we will be thinking of a Game of Thrones reference in the next book. "You don't want to wake the dragon". Arithon dies, the upset seems certain to wake her, no matter how many spells the Fellowship try to keep her undisturbed.