Help needed - tech with Dreamweaver

This is a call for help with updating the marvels of the interactive Paravia map that Jeff our retired Gryphon created.

I have A LOT!!! of new images to be added, captions to be updated, and other images to be switched out for color.

Jeff did the original coding in an older version of Dreamweaver…which 1) we don't own and 2) we know nothing about!

If there is anyone in the readership community who might be interested in helping out, I'd love to keep the map current, it's such a wonderful feature.

originally posted by Hunter

Happy to help.

originally posted by Zizawah

If you need another person, I can help (I work with Dreamweaver on a daily basis).

Zizawah- thanks, turns out Hunter does not have knowledge or access to Dreamweaver - e mail me? There is a button for contact on my website's front page.