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originally posted by Sven Kunert

Dear Mrs Wurts,

I didn't want to bring back the topic from 2009, because maybe some of the information I read in the topic might have changed. I am curious if there is by any chance a hardcover version in the works or will be published. I have found all books of the series as hardcovers with the exception of "Stormed Fortress". The later title "Initiate`s trial" can be bought as a hard cover. There seems to be a BOOK CLUB ASSOCIATES version out there, but so far I could not find any seller who ships international (that is, if I find that version at all). Thanks for your help or any kind of information you can give.

Hi Sven Kunert - welcome here.

No hardbound was or has ever been published beyond that book club edition and it is smaller format, cheaper paper.

This is something I'd love to remedy someday…no concrete plans are in the works at this moment.

Which enrages me no end.

originally posted by Annette

But a book club version is better than no hardback, even if it is a bit on the small side.
http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j215/aussie500/Janny%20Wurts/WoLaSHardbacks_zp s8a0da049.jpg~original

It is nice and light, so less chance it will knock you out if you fall asleep while reading it.
I had to resort to getting a friend in the UK to buy mine for me, no one would send one to Australia.

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

Alas, I had to do the same thing to get mine, even though I'm just across the pond in the US. Hard back was a must, though; I'd beat a paperback to a pulp with the rereads, pardon the pun!

originally posted by Judy

That's why all of WoLaS was the first thing I downloaded when I got my Kindle. Ebooks are great for those harder to find titles. Now (mostly) patiently waiting for Cycle of Fire.

originally posted by Annette

My hard backs are mainly for me to admire the covers, and because I am the impatient type who cannot wait for the mass market paperback to be released.

The kindle versions are because I can never find a quote when I am looking for it, and for note taking. I have the kindle reader for the PC. I also have the kobo reader since they had Initiate's Trial early, and I brought Under Cover of Darkness for it as well. Janny has since given us a better e-Book option for the short stories.

The paperback versions are because I like reading in bed, and have trouble hanging on to anything too heavy. I cannot afford a handy little gadget for reading, which would no doubt break when I dropped it, and it is a bit hard to curl up in bed with the PC monitor.

I do not mind buying multiple copies to help my favorite author, and I especially want the hardback editions to be done for the remaining two books. I want a set of hardbacks, even if one is a bit small, and the last 4 might not have the portrait covers I prefer. Elaira might yet appear on the cover of Song of the Mysteries.

I have to rearrange my bookshelves so Janny's books can get three (or maybe four) shelves and I can finally have more of the hardbacks showing their covers. Only one is at the moment, down with the paperbacks. It was a BCA Grand Conspiracy duplicate, so is now a dust catcher, since it is one of my favorite Arithon covers. Janny does a portrait style cover for the book club edition of Stormed Fortress, I know just the book to stick it on.

originally posted by Annette

It is not looking good that we will get a hardcover version of Destiny's Conflict. All the other versions are up for pre-order, but no sign of a hardcover yet.

This would be the time to put all those inquiries into HarperCollins if you want a hardcover.
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They miss Destiny's Conflict they are not likely to do one for Song of the Mysteries, would be a pity not to have a full set of hardcovers.

originally posted by Melanie Trumbull

The UK website for Amazon dot com has got a listing for a BCA Stormed Fortress copy, hardcover.
They won't take orders outside the UK (I tried myself).

originally posted by Annette

Well the site that used to sell the BCA books new is no longer active. I can see a used version on Amazon UK that only delivers within the UK. If you are that desperate to get it, try and find a friend in the UK who would buy it and post it out to you. That was how I had to get mine.