Happy Birthday

originally posted by Trys

Happy Birthday Janny!!

originally posted by Clansman

Happee Birthday, Janny! (I'm reading Harry Potter to my kids, so I couldn't resist).

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

And a belated (46 minutes after midnight) Happy Birthday from me as well. May you enjoy the lifespan of the Koriani without the costs (or the grumpiness!) for bringing us all such wonderful stories!

originally posted by Kirsten Laurelle Wallace

Happy belated Birthday, Janny!

Thanks, all!

originally posted by Sandtiger

In case you didn't see the first message - A very happy birthday (although now belated) Janny. May the year ahead be filled with Joy and Wonder!


originally posted by Richard Myburgh

happy birthday. hope you enjoy(ied) it. :smiley:

originally posted by Annette

Belated Birthday wishes Janny.

Hi Richard, truly did - Don and I went for a long hike in the woods, then out to dinner.

Now it's back to the easel to work on cover art.

originally posted by Richard Myburgh

a hike in the woods, awesome. can't wait to see the cover art and read the next book.