GUIDED buddy read starting tomorrow (Feb 2019)

The first buddy read of the series in this GoodReads group was a succes - so much that more readers want IN on another.

A new read is starting tomorrow, with chapter summaries and earmarked passages to help with new reader comprehension.

Also, the Q and A thread is up and running - I posted a notice yesterday with the arc structure and there is a HINT for Song of the Mysteries that's not been posted anywhere else…also there will be ear marks for stuff NO READER YET has picked up…join in as you like, old readers are welcome to add commentary, just mark spoilers using the tag system. Here is the link: 9

They are doing each book at a pretty leisurely pace (six weeks to two months per volume) so there's not heavy pressure - it's a great chance for a new reader to get on board, and the attention drawn if the thread is active is very big. Thanks so much if you choose to drop by!

originally posted by Clansman

Decided to jump back into GoodReads with this. Been a long time since I was active there.

Thank you and welcome - did you catch the wee hint in the Q and A for Song of the Mysteries?

originally posted by Clansman

Oh yes, you crafty tale-spinner! Wee indeed, just enough to make me think of 1001 questions, and then discard them all, just to replace them again. I'll just have to wait for a proper snippet!