Growth as a writer

originally posted by motley

Janny, I've just done a little research on reviews of your works, some quite clueless, others fair. One reviewer said that he could see your growth as a writer since Sourcerer's Legacy, and also through the WoLaS series.

I guess this is a huge topic, but what would you say you've learned the most about, so far, about your writing craft, since CoTM?

Never quit.

originally posted by Clansman

Can I have a rousing "AAAAAAAA-MEN" from the congregation please!

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Succinct and heartfelt. But don't let smokers hear you say that. :wink:

originally posted by Cheryl Detmer

I remember Janny once told me to don't stop and I haven't. It is very good advice. Never quit is so true. That's the only way you improve is to not quit. Good words to live by too. I'll never be able to thank Janny enough for those words of Don't Stop. I hear them in my head all the time when I'm about ready to stop. Thank you Janny for keeping me going.

originally posted by Ika Nurain

*nods in agreement*