Goodbye to the Paravians

originally posted by Melanie Trumbull

Yes, that's a trick title !
Having said that:
I'm bracing myself to say goodbye to this series of books, nearing its end, and saying goodbye to those things about this series which I don't want to leave.
For nine books now we have been teased and tantalized about those Paravians, and I still want more.

I'm well and truly fed up with the religious zealots and the enchantresses. We have only seen so much of actual dragons, they are not used up yet; but as for grimwards, I for one am grimmed-out over here and I could live without another darned grimward.

What is most tantalizing of all, I guess, about the Paravians is how they actually managed to co-exist with humans for as long as they did. By humans I don't mean the fellowship of seven Sorcerers, because by the time the great drakes put their blood binding on the seven Sorcerers, those humans were in a class by themselves.

But soon enough, we will have to bid farewell to the series as a whole. And then, no more Paravians. No more Ciladis, even, the biggest tease of all this far. Enjoy, everyone, while I have my little grieving and mourning space over here.

My goodness - you have two books yet to go and already mourning???

Might want to hold the tears for just a little bit… ;X

originally posted by Annette

Joy before tears, I am still looking forward to finding out more about the Paravians in the next 2 books, be at least a few more years yet before we have to say goodbye. And after all the fighting is over, Ciladis is bound to awaken, so probably in Destiny's Conflict we finally get to see the snoozing one come out of hibernation.

originally posted by Auna

You are mourning and here I am dancing for joy. The new book is coming! There's so much yet to be discovered, I can't wait. And Janny writes so sloooowwwly (hehe) that we'll be chomping at the bit for a few years before we get the final book. That means we get teasers and perhaps more short stories! (hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink) So fear not, the end is not nigh.