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I couldn't find any other threads to share this in, so I thought I'd start a miscellaneous "good news" thread. This used to be a regular thing at a brownbag seminar (where professors and students share their research/writing) at one of the universities I was at. Call me an optimist, but I just love to share feel-goods.

This forum is the closest thing I have to some kind of writing support group at the moment, so I wanted to share some good news:

After more than several years of work, I've finally had my first "manuscript" accepted for publication. By that, I mean a real academic research paper (I've published articles and book chapters, etc, but they don't "count" in our world). What's more, no edits required! Hurray.

I'm just so excited. I know it will take months (if not years) to come into actual print, but it's just good to have something accepted.

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Congratz phome good job wtg

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Congratulations Phome!!

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Great news, Phome. Well done, indeed. Now that you have published, you don't get to perish (such is the law of the jungle Academe).

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Thanks all for the encouraging words.

Clansman - you made me laugh! I think I've long since given up in that particular academic race, i.e. "you're only as good as your last publication". I'll never be one of the "greats" so I'm happy just being in my little school, doing my own thing. I'm on the fringe of the fringe as things are anyhow, so I've found my niche and I'm happy there. It's not a bad spot, I'm figuring out. It allows me to keep a work-life balance (something strongly encouraged by my school, unlike many other schools).

One day, I'll work on my "real" publications, i.e. a fantasy novel … GRIN.

Congrats, Phome! Good job.

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And from me, Phome.

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Meant to put a smiley on my previous post :smiley:. Glad you got it anyway, Phome. I like your philosophy. Same thing led me from a big city law firm to a solo practice in a small town.

Can't put a price on quality of life.

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Sharing some good news (and surreptitiously trying to wake up the site again a bit!). My 7th/8th grade girls soccer team (I'm in my 11th and final year of coaching, at least for now) outdid themselves, made the top 6 and qualified for the city championship tournament. They further acquitted themselves well against a team full of travel club players (we're not!) before losing 3-1 (and it was closer than the score indicates!). While everyone would love to win it all, I can't ask for a better way to go out than watching a team that was tripping over its own feet at the beginning of a season now move as one and hold their own.

That's Fabulous!