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Can I hope in some time in German to read Jannys Books about "War of Light & Shadow" ?
Have you a new publisher? - I hope …

No new publisher at this time. You'd have to find the older edition that was translated, and it only went to the middle of the third arc, then they discontinued. I'm very sad about this, and hope there will be a change.

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We in Germany have as last book this here: 1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1467041038&sr=8-1&keywords=Janny+Wurts+die+schattenkriege+4

"Shadow Wars 4 - Game of Shadows", i think it can translate into english. When I remeber me correct, in this book murderd Lysaer his Wife, because she not more trust him and will helped Aritohn to brake the Curse.

Is there a Chance for eBook Only in German?

The other 10 Books of this Series all I have :smiley:
(+ all in German from Raymond Feist and Robin Hobb … but from both Long time no books here in Germany… maybe you are all to GOOD *g*)

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Marcel, good on you for raising your voice to ask.

Your English could improve a little, but your English is better than my German, so we're quits.

I wanted to help you with your inquiry, so I went to Amazon auf deutsch to look at the "Schattenkriege" titles. You already know this; but the other members here might find this interesting.

The "Schattenkriege" (that's Shadow War) titles:

01. Der Fluch des Nebelgeistes. This means something like "The Curse of the Mist Ghost."
On the cover: the same cover as the English "Mistwraith," with the two half-brothers.

02. Der Fluch des Nebelgeistes 2: Herr des Lichts. Or: The Curse of the Mist Ghost: Lord of Light.
On the cover: where is it that they battle the Mistwraith, in the ruins: is it Ithamon? Because those ruins are what's on the cover. I have seen this cover before, but only on occasion.

03. Die Schiffe von Merior. that one's an easy guess: The Ships of Merior.
On the cover: the sun shining on the shore, the beach, the cliffs. Other details I can't make out.

04. Die Saat der Zwietracht. The Seeds of Discord , I guess.
Arithon, playing his lyranthe, on the ship's deck.

05. Die Streitmacht von Vastmark. The Battle of Vastmark.
On the cover: a landscape, mountains, beach, shoreline and water: sun shining; a raven in flight. SOme other things I can't make out.

06. Das Schiff der Hoffnung. The Ship of Hope.
Arithon holding the crossbow and preparing to shoot.

For my fellow English-speaking members:
This does appear to be, each of the first three English books, split into two German books, adding up to Six German titles to cover that Mistwraith arc.
The numbers change, at this point, to reflect a new story arc.

01. Die Rückkehr des Nebelgeistes. That means, The Return of the Mist Ghost.
A dragon is flying in the sunlight, on this cover. Well, anyhow, it LOOKS like a dragon.

02. Jäger und Gejagte. Hunter and Hunted.
Arithon on the ground, bracing himself against a fallen tree, clinging to Alithiel the sword.
We English readers recognize this cover from "Fugitive Prince."

03. Die Verschwörung des Lichts. The Conspiracy of Light.
Surprise for the English readers, is this cover. This is the cover art of Arithon's return, carrying Alithiel, dressed in full Rathain regalia, cape flapping behind him in the wind, a cloudy sky. We have yet to see this image on book covers here.

04. Spiel der Schatten. This could mean Play of Shadows/Shadow-Play, or Game of Shadows.
Arithon, his clothes ragged and torn, one arm bandaged, carrying Alithiel, heading up the stairs to the maze of Kewar.
We English readers recognize this cover art from the books 'Grand Conspiracy.'

And I'm curious, Marcel: in your German version, of this last title, does Arithon actually pass through the gate and enter the maze? In our English book with this painting on the cover, one character has a dream of Arithon entering the maze. But he does not actually do so in this book.

So. That is a total of ten titles in German. They appear to correspond to the first five books in English.

The cover art that goes with the English-language "Peril's Gate" is not to be seen on these books.

I'm sorry the HTML coding doesn't clear, above: I was trying to enter those German "umlaut" dots.

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Lieber Marcel!

Ein Wort an Talith, die Frau Lysaers. Geben Sie Acht! Ja, Talith gestorben ist. Aber nicht durch Lysaer!

Lysaer wird ein zweiten Zeit heiraten. Wer ist's, durch dem Talith gestorben sei?

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Lieber Marcel! Ein andres Wort, aber auf Englisch.

If I were in your position, Marcel, it would drive me mad, waiting for translation into my native idiom of books that already exist in their original language.

Without spoiling for you, I offer you one suggestion, to take or to leave, as someone who has read all the books in English up to this moment.

The most recent published book in this series has the English title
"Initiate's Trial."

In order to fully appreciate the things that come to pass in the opening chapters of the book,
the reader has to have read
"Die Streitmacht von Vastmark," this is in English "Warhost of Vastmark."
The opening chapters of "Die Streitmacht",
especially those opening chapters that concern
the Fellowship of magicians/Sorcerers,
are essential to the opening of "Initiate's Trial."

With this suggestion in mind, Marcel,
feel free to look around for an English copy of
"Initiate's Trial," Volume 9 of the English "Wars of Light and Shadow."
Even in a different language, it should be possible for you
to see the connections between the German translation of the earlier book,
and what happens in the English book.