German Translation?

originally posted by Marcel


Give it news about your Books in Germany?

I asked Blanvaled (Raymond Feists Books) but they mean: No :frowning_face: - But Kelevan-Books was an bestseller …

I read your saga now at Book 1 again and hope that I can unterstand on "Perils Gate" the most … Actually is read "Ships of Merior"

And: Im extreme noisy for the end of Story. I think a Hppay end is impossible. Davien … I bet he is very important to destroy Desh-Thiere.
And this Rave too. (Rave = Davien, i think … But dont spoiler when English usere know more)

Hi Marcel - thanks for the update.

People who liked the Kelewan books tend to enjoy my standalone title To Ride Hell's Chasm. That would be less risky for a German publisher to try - then if that succeeded well for them, they might someday consider another look at the series.

originally posted by Marcel

Hi Janny

And as German "E-Book"? Is this possible? Also i mean as a e-book to buy?

And: Good Fantasy, we German Readers LOVE it. And, really: I mean you and Ray are better as JKR with Harry Potter. HP is nice to read but … more not.

In Prolog form Ships i read your Statement: "I will only write 5 Books about Mistghost" (I dont dont know this Name i English. I think its Mistghost Nebel = Mist, Geist = Ghost). But: I am very glad thatmore than 5 :smiley:

And: Give it a Chance for a new Kelewan-Book?

Marcel - German e book - no takers for the rights, just yet.

Thanks for your lovely note, too, about the good fantasy.

Mistghost - would be translated as Mistwraith.

I have no plan for another Kelewan book - that would have to involve Ray, and we have filled schedules at the moment.