Funny book on amazon

originally posted by James Horton

just came across this on amazon and wondered what it was 42/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1282944551&sr=8-3

any ideas?? not harper collins or the normal covers. is it a compendium that got released as i would love to make a gift of it if it was (not sure how you carry it around though)

originally posted by Sleo

Good heavens! It's very strange. Doesn't look like a real book, even.

That is very strange and highly suspicious, as Destiny's Conflict is not even written (only under contract)

Thank you James, for pointing out this link - I will send it back to London asking them what the H - ?

originally posted by Zorana Lewis

I would Janny - Books LLC (who are labelled as the 'author' on that page) are actually a print-on-demand publisher, or reading their website certainly gives that impression). Have a link though strangely enough, you don't exist on that website. Always a good thing, to be sure, so whether it's the same Books LLC that are trying to flog the weird book on Amazon is questionable.

I got a note back from my editor from her Blackberry - it'll be looked into…shrug.

Generally don't hear on a query on a Sunday - my jaw dropped.

Very strange – some investigation into other "books" published by this company suggest that they aren't actually selling the books themselves – they are selling summary information, liner notes, or excerpts from Wikipedia entries about the titled books. Lots of 1-star reviews from misled customers and very few instances of real content!

It looks like the sole purpose of the sales is to include links to their "book club" on their website in the papers they send you.

Brian - thanks! I will fwd this on.