Free (Almost) Books to a Good Home

originally posted by Allen McDaniel


So, the inevitable march of time has visited my house, and it's time to clean out and downsize. A while back, I donated much of my collection of fantasy / sci-fi to the local library, but I kept all of the books by Janny. I have almost all of them except the most recent short stories and a few I'll name below. Before I give them to the local library, I thought I would first offer the lot to the fans here. I have the following:

Curse of the Mistwraith - HB - 1st ROC Edition
Ships of Merior - HB - 1st Harper Prism Edition
Fugitive Prince - HB - 1st Harper Prism Edition
Grand Conspiracy - HB - 1st Harper Prism Edition (Signed by Janny)
Peril's Gate - HB - 1st Voyager Edition (I think it's a first)
Traitor's Knot - Both HB and Traitor's Knot (Don't Ask) - 1st Meisha Merlin Edition
Stormed Fortress - Trade

Mistress of the Empire - HB - 1st Edition

Stormwarden - Paperback
Keeper of the Keys - Paperback

The Master of Whitestorm - Paperback

Sorcerer's Legacy - Paperback

To Ride Hell's Chasm - HB - 1st I think

That Way Lies Camelot - HB - 1st - Personal inscription from Janny (About a dinner in Dallas many years ago

Masters of Fantasy - Both HB (1st Edition) and Paperback - Includes Child of Prophecy

For some reason I'm missing Daughter of the Empire (Hardback), Servant of the Empire (Hardback), and Shadowfane (Paperback - Book 3 of the Cycle of Fire). I'm thinking I have one more box of books squirreled away somewhere. Should I find these, I'll ship them to the lucky person myself, for free.

So, there you go. I was thinking someone out there might wish to add to their collection while I am downsizing (I have been buying the electronic versions for my re-reads).

Free (almost) to a good home. You pay for shipping (won't be cheap, given the number of hardbacks). If no takers, the local library(s) will get them).

And that dinner was at Del Frisco's in Dallas with Janny, Don, and Karen (another Janny fan - we once worked together). We had a great night what seems a long time ago now.


originally posted by Clansman


I'll take the 1st edition of CotMW and the hardback of Masters of Fantasy from you. The only one I have is a remaindered copy, after my first edition was water damaged.

Let me know by PM.

originally posted by Clansman

Okay, forget PM. I just sent you a direct email.