FP threads that may resolve in SF??

originally posted by skeoke

I am re-reading FP trying to look for the threads that we have let drop, that Janny hints will surprise us in SF.

I don't consider Jieret's Sighted vision of Arithon's execution to be a dropped thread because we have thrashed it six ways from Sunday for the past several years.

Of interest to me is Lysaer's "interview" in the King's Chamber at Althain Tower. He seems totally aware of the curse and where it has led him in ways that he did not seem aware of in Ath's grove. (Though I did not actually cross-reference.) I note that the meeting is bent outside of time, does that make the difference? Since the mistwraith can slip time?

Also, on leaving, Lysaer seems insensate to the Paravian presense that troubled him on the way in. Sort of the opposite effect that Arithon had when Asandir opened him to the Paravian ghosts in Daon Ramon.

Still lots more to read.

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Well, Lysaer did get thrown out of the Compact during his visit to Althain and at the moment he was declared Outcast, something inside him did howl in protest.

My thoughts are that on the way in, Lysaer's link to Athera's mysteries and his awareness, as allowed by the Paravians, was still very much active. When he was thrown out of the Compact, this permission was withdrawn as if the standing invitation to mankind to come dance in the prime source had been forever revoked for Lysaer.

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Another thread that comes to mind is what Mearn s'Brydion overheard at one of the secret cabal meetings.

Some of that was dealt with in TK, but knowing Janny, there is STILL a lot to go.

Vorrice has been mighty quiet for GC and PG. Does anyone else think that he is going to try to "purify" the Light movement, since he apparently does believe in Lysaer's divinity?

There is also the matter of the dragon skull wards that belong to Raiett Raven. Will Sethvir or one of the other F7 try to swipe those things, since they caused so much trouble? Will the Elemental beings in GC try to get rid of them? Will Arithon have to deal with them?

originally posted by Hunter

Blue - what's your guess on just who actually has the dragon skulls now? Last we saw them in GC they were in a high tower in Avenor and were in Raiett's possession…

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