Fionn Areth's Appearance

originally posted by Cheryl Detmer

I've been wondering off and on if there is anyway to reverse Fionn's appearance and give him back his own identity? It sounds like Arithon is saying it is a permanent condition. I keep hoping they might find a way to return him to his own life though someday. I've been avoiding spoilers here but now am close enough to the end to at least post some here about TK. It was hard to avoid the spoilers here let me tell you. lol I'd be resentful if people referred to me as a goatherder all the time. grin I appreciate getting to read more of Fionn in TK. It's been fun.

originally posted by R’is’n

Fionn Areth is an interesting minor character - I like the way he brings a human face to what a lot of the youngsters signing up to become part of the Army of the Light must be like. All full of ideals, the natural adolescent desire to leave home and go and do something noteworthy and glorious, and pouring all their own anger/pain/suffering into a legitimised hatred.

Fionn Areth is lucky in that he is given a chance to untangle his young energy from the relentless propaganda against Arithon. What he'll do with his freedom, given the birth prophecy, will be interesting. That prophecy bothers me!

originally posted by winter

I don't think they could really change him. He wasn't really transformed as a child but forced into grow into a form. Sort of like those bamboo plants that are in a spiral. They force it to grow into that shape, not bend the plant once it's grown. You couldn't straighten out a spiral plant without breaking it.
Same with Fionn Areth, his unfinished facial structure was forced to develop in specific ways as he went through natural growth. But once he finished growing his facial structure was pretty much locked and can't be changed without breaking some bones.

originally posted by Cheryl Detmer

They have paravian magic and all kinds of things that can happen but they have said it's irreversable. I keep hoping they can do something to give him his own identity again. I can only hope. That sounds kind of disturbing that it was developed in specific ways. I hadn't thought of it like that. Good thought but it's disturbing just like the Koriani. lol

originally posted by juliana

There was nothng that I recall that said Fionn Areth will not normally age. His is Arithon's face at 20 years old or so. If he lives long enough he should grey and wrinkle. Of course he could ask for a permanent glamour.

originally posted by Blue

That, or invoke a Koriani oath of debt and ask for a face lift.

originally posted by Cheryl Detmer

hahaha Blue. I can see him in Hollywood getting a face lift now. hehe that made my day. Thanks