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I have read my e-book of Destiny's Conflict. At some stage I will have to get a hard copy for my collection.

Spoilers below of course …

It was really great to see some resolution of long-standing mysteries as the series comes towards a close. Ie Ciladis and the Paravians' hideout. However there is plenty more unresolved and I wonder at how 1 more book could possibly do it all. All the wraiths, the Beidar, bringing Davien back into the 7, freeing Elaira from her oath so a true heir can bring about the prophecy, more explanation of history etc. I suppose it is too much to hope for peace between clans and towns given the survival of the religion of Light. Will Arithon and Lysaer get to die natural deaths at peace as brothers?
Anyway, I can't help wondering if Janny condensed her plans for more books ie the stuff that happened through the 100 years Arithon was held by the Koriani. I might be forgetting some stuff from Initiate's Trial and the previous book but it seemed like a lot of action was referred to that appeared to have happened "off-stage". It answered questions I had but I wonder if the publishers pressured Janny to cut things short.
Anyway, many wonderful aspects of the book and characters compelling as always. Love how all the witnesses at the Fellowship intervention at the scaffold stopped believing in the Light.
Hope it is not disrespectful to jokingly ask: exactly how many times has Arithon nearly died now? Anyone keeping a tally? My mum has a saying "nearly is not good enough". But he sure scrapes through by the skin of his teeth frequently. I just want to see him and Elaira living in peaceful retirement somewhere after all they've been through. Since I can't have him for myself, sigh.