Finding That Way Lies Camelot

originally posted by Lydia


Just a quick question…

I found That Way Lies Camelot in a library many years ago, and try as I might, can't find it in any bookstores, nevermind the publisher's webpages. Is it still in print?

Sadly, not.

originally posted by Zorana Lewis

Lydia - It is available on a website called Green Metropolis, which is a site that sells second hand books. All the books are '3.75 with free delivery, though I think the delivery bit might be for UK customers only.

originally posted by Lisa

I got my copy from ebay Australia and i know there are several copies for sale there now. Hope that helps.

originally posted by Lydia

Thanks for all your help. :smiley: Problem is finding it on any of the South African pages, as the exchange rate is very unkind at the far tip of Africa…

originally posted by Derek Coventry

Thank you for showing me that I have a book of Janny's missing from my collection. I shall correct that immediately!
A quick search showed 17 copies (used) on with the price varying from '0.14 to '54.55. the latter being shipped into the UK from Florida. I also noted two new books available in Oz.