Fellowship sorcerers and drakes

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Apologies if this topic was posted elsewhere already - I could not find an obvious fit in the current list of threads.

I have a question about Traitor's Knot, specifically about the fellowship sorcerers and their "binding" or "agreement" with drakes. I just read the passage where Asandir goes to assist Kharadmon with the wraiths that have freed themselves and are threatening to reach Athera. Asandir's spirit leaves his body while an adept stays with his body in Althain tower.

There are a number of references that I think are about the terms-of-agreement of the fellowship sorcerers' compact on Athera. And there seems to be some kind of limiting or binding quality to that agreement that does not allow certain kinds of things, with reference to drakes.

I reread the passage several times, but still cannot really figure out what is going on. Does anyone have an answer? My understanding is that the sorcerers came to Athera based on a dragon's (or drake's? are they the same?) dream. Presumably that set some conditions, but I have somehow missed the nuances. What are the conditions? Asandir came back in a hurry from his work with the wraiths to stop the adept from sacrificing herself for his cause. Is it that the sorcerers may not seek energy/sustenance from other human beings? (Perhaps because necromancers do this and that's a big no-no?)

Thanks for any clues.

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It was the original binding with the drakes that was invoked, the compact was not involved. Seems the adepts must continue to shine, no dimming allowed, or at least Asandir could not accept that offered help.


Athera's mysteries could not sustain the loss if the grace she embodied within breathing flesh should be dimmed to a less-than-exalted

Janny has not really covered Ath, grace and the deeper mysteries yet, I just chalked it up as something we would eventually come to understand. If Janny can explain in detail how that sacrifice would have affected things, I am all ears.

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I got the distinct impression that Ath's adepts are vital to preserving the world's ability to maintain the Paravians, and lessening that would potentially ruin any hope for their return.

I also got the feeling that this situation called up the drake binding which forced Asandir to act even if he wouldn't have done it of his own free will.

It's the same situation as if humanity screws up majorly and the Fellowship has to wipe them out. In this case they don't have free will, they are forced to act to preserve the mysteries at all costs.

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My impression is the same, Auna. I guess what I was asking is what is the "drake binding" that can force the hand of the Fellowship?

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What I understand here is that the drakes dreamed a template for the ultimate defenders of the Paravians. This template best matched the Fellowship, but I think their nature was fundamentally altered by this dream, when they were drawn to Athera (via the ability of drake dreams to alter reality). Part of this nature would have included an enforced need to maintain Paravian survival at all costs.

Some of this is inferred, and may not actually be true.

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Thanks Gary. I actually just came across another passage later in the book by which Davien presents a choice to Sethvir, which clarifies the binding by the drakes:

"Let's see which priority rules your choice this time. Our binding made under the will of the dragons TO PRESERVE THE MYSTERIES FOR PARAVIAN SURVIVAL, or else the bleeding-heart clemency that gave rise to the threat allowed in by the compact." [emphasis added]

This makes it clear that the drake's binding is to preserve mysteries for Paravians.