Favourite Female Characters

originally posted by Saffy

I absolutely love the women in this series. No one follows the one-dimensial stereotype that authors often rely on. Talith could so easily be washed out as merely a beautiful love interest, or made into a villainous unsympathetic shrew instead she is bursting with personality and and her own personal integrity. I have so much fun inside her arrogant clever head.

I also love how sympathetically the gentler Ellaine is handled. Her courage is never dismissed. She is less adventurous but that never means she doesn't have the human need for autonomy. She is never portrayed as less than Talith. Neither is Talith compared negatively to Ellaine. Considering how much women are pitched against each other in narrative I really appreciated that.

Then there's the jilieth, Feithan and Jeynsa and random assortment of koriani, clanwomen and background characters that are so fun and always make an impression.

Who's your favourite characters in the series so far?

originally posted by Eddie calvin alexander

Ellaira,of course would be a standout for me,However I feel like maybe Feylind gets overlooked this is one example of a strong woman that grew up and carved her own path from under the shadow of Arithon.(pun intended) Her full story hit me in such a visceral way like few characters have.

originally posted by Judy

Elaira is my favorite. The steel fist in the velvet glove. However, I've always been fascinated by the little pieces of information we've gotten about Dari.

originally posted by Saffy

Dari is intriguing. Since Kharadmon was the sponsor for the s'ahelas line I expect the family to have his wild creativity, especially Dari to have that tart insolence. A Dari short story or even a flashback from Sethvir would be great