Favorite scene in Curse

originally posted by Brad

I'm on my fourth reread of the series and I thought I'd share my favorite scene every time I read it. It's on page 382, right as the Fellowship descends on Etarra.

-Upon his awakening, Morfett was told that he would be searing fealty to a s'Ffalenn king within a fortnight, and that governance of Etarra would be made to conform to Rathain's original royal charter.

The Lord Governor's ouched eyes narrowed. "Over my dead body."

"If need be," Kharadmon said, unblinking.

Acute enough to differentiate a threat from a promise, Morfett gave unctuous agreement, then launched on a vicious course of subterfuge.-

I just love the visual I get of Kharadmon's deadpan response that allows no debate whatsoever and this fat arrogant weasel stuck having to deal with the Fellowship. I laugh out loud every time I get to it.

originally posted by Brittani Pasek

Oh this is fun!!! I am on my second read of the series and I want to share my favorite part of Curse.

It is on page 285 in my book just after Asandir, Dakar, Arithon, and Lysaer do a lane transfer to Daon Ramon Barrens.

- "Your going to faint," Asandir said with incisive clarity from a point somewhere inside the wagon.

Vertifo swallowed Lysaer's sight. He sensed no pain as his gold-thatched head banged into a sack of iron cooking pots, but heard only the clang of impact melded with words made blurred through a distance of fading awareness. "Ath's mercy on you, Prophet, for I'll show none if the s'Ilessid heir falls out."-

I absolutely love Asandir he is so awsome. You just wonder how he still has the patience to put up with Dakar. I laughed so hard when I got to that part I cried. My family thinks Im nuts. Maybe I am but you guys can back me up right!!!

originally posted by Neil

Arithon meets Steiven:

"You've seen this before?" … "I've lived for it".

originally posted by Blue

Steiven's admonition to Arithon in that scene was my favorite line, at least by Steiven:

Your choice is simple: Shall we die for an empty throne, or a living, breathing sovereign?

[paraphrased, CotM is packed away in anticipation of our move]

That has to be the lowest blow Steiven could possibly have levelled at our boy in that scene.

originally posted by Reading_fox

Favourite part, Arithon creating shadow brigantines in the gutters of Etarra for the amusement of the urchins, and how Lyssar and the Prime both differently misinterpret it.

Reading_Fox - ah, cool!!! :smiley:

You are well along - this has me very Extremely pleased!

Because, all in all, This volume is the stage setter…all that seems like ordinary mideval "fantasy" will open out from here…all is not as it seems. :wink:

originally posted by carl

My favorite scene is not so much a scene, as it is a quote. It's from "The Four Ravens":

"Merciful Ath," cried the minstrel from the fireside. "Someone in the scullery's going to sally from the pantry and skewer him."

How delightful to see this topic revived!

Welcome here, carl!

originally posted by Neil

not a favourite per se but pretty funny (but being just after Tal Quorin…) kind of gets lost I feel…

…Caolle is compared to (in the absence of Dania's influence) the subtlety of a flying brick :slight_smile:

originally posted by Phome

Hmmm … fave scene of Curse. There are too many too choose from, and (already!) they are leaving my brain since I've just finished Merior. But, I think one that stands out is one I picked to read in my creative writing workshop, which is the scene where Elaira 'rescues' Arithon from the townsmen after unknowingly opening his Barbarian-accented mouth in the inn. The image of Elaira elbowing hanging onions out of the way will forever remain imprinted in my head.