Favorite Passages

originally posted by Marie

Hello all!

While a mere, struggling (grin) college student, I have been a fan of Janny's for quite a few years. An admitted lurker, and former poster before membership was required, I'd like to ask your help (and sate a certain curiosity). I'd like to know what some of your favorite passages are from any of her works (of course with Janny's permission so that no copywright infringements take place.)

I'm taking an advanced women's lit course and need to present and encourage others to read the works of a favorite woman author. (Who other than our own Ms. Wurts?) I'd like to incorporate a brief passage that showcases the beauty and depth of her work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Currently I'm focusing on the Masterbard's Lament for the Dier Kenton Vale Widows…I have had that written in my journal since I first read it some years ago.

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

There's nothing "mere" about college students, thrashing or otherwise, Marie. More power to you!


On to the favorite passage, then. There have been many, but Janny outdid herself (take a bow, oh mighty Talespinner!) in Stormed Fortress, at the end of the Chapter entitled, "Decision"…

For the Sorcerer saw his worst fear become manifest: he would not be free to stand in support through the harrowing hour of Arithon's need. All of the future hung in fate's balance, while older loyalties, and an ancient binding, lay beyond his might to rescind.

Another drop fell. In the space where the Sorcerer's form stood erect, warm-blooded and breathing, alive, now an eagle's winged form shimmered like an explosion amid the stilled air. Wings spread, it soared but a motionless instant. Then its presence melted into the droplet, still falling, lit now by a searing white spark.

The mote struck the spring, dissolved by the splash, while the pin-point of light winnowed separate. At the crux, the pattern of consiousness that comprised a Fellowship Sorcerer did not reclaim human form.

Davien's presence was not borne away as a man, to resolve in another location. Instead, the blazing fleck plunged downward into the deeps that sourced the well's spring. Suspended, it fell like a star as though through forever, then vanished.

Frail light became utterly swallowed: into the pupil of a wide, living eye, brilliant as a midsummer sun flared golden at sunrise.

Magnificent! I had to read that passage 5 times to take it all in! OK, it's not a huge spoiler, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out where it's headed (after all, I figured it out!)