Fans on Facebook

originally posted by Winter

Anybody here on Facebook? I just found a Janny Wurts Fans group there and wondered if any of you were there. There are all of 9 members and not much going on, but it's nice to see that it's there at all!

originally posted by Clansman


I joined the group as a result of your post. Not much going on at all, though I did post there, in response to someone in Canada called Yumi Yama and shipping fees.

More chatter, everywhere, is needed.

Thanks, people.

There was a survey done by Mindy Klasky, which "rated" the effectiveness of all sorts of book promotion. #1 was word of mouth from a friend. The internet provides lots of space for this.

Has anyone noticed that Amazon now provides "forum" space to discuss books with other readers, downpage, under each book's respective title???

originally posted by Winter

That would be me. I did my pre-order not too long ago so the costs were still high in my mind. But the government was kind enough to send me a refund cheque which paid for most of the book so I guess I can't complain too much!

And I should have expected to to be another Canadian to be the first to respond. There are an awful lot of us on Facebook.

originally posted by Clansman

Yumi! My new/only friend on Facebook! First time I was ever there this morning. I went in response to your post here last week.

"government was kind enough to send me a refund cheque"…???

How does one qualify for refund cheques from the government for amazingly wonderful works of fiction? I can write off legal publications for my law practice, but I don't get refunds. I don't even try to claim my fiction purchases!

This reminds me, I'll have to check the status of my order… Just in case!

originally posted by Winter

Oh it's a GST refund. It just came the day before I ordered so it's like the government gave me money for the book.

I don't have many friends either. I told my real life friends I wouldn't join another Firefly/Friendster/Myspace/Facebook craze but I wanted to try Warbook and got sucked in. But I wanted to try the Warbook application and now I don't dare announce my hypocritical account!

originally posted by Ika Nurain

hi janny, hi everyone!
I have facebook, and just joined the group. =)


There is a new fan page up for Janny Wurts at Facebook. If you are curious about the parade at DragonCon, or want to have a peep of the new painting of Arithon that was up (can be seen in the shot taken in the artshow, in the background) by all means, join up and check it out!

originally posted by Annette

Not a fan of facebook, but got to see the new painting anyway, thanks for the hint, very interesting. :smiley:

There is a new banner/cover picture up on the face book fan page -

originally posted by David Gardner

Oh man, seeing them all like that gives me (relatively) new book cover envy!

originally posted by Annette

I have new and old sets, so maybe that was why it never had the same effect on me, I am used to seeing the one matching set we have all lined up. It does make a nice banner, and I notice one fan rushed off to buy the one they were missing, so useful as well as decorative.

Now that stormy beach scene with Arithon as a banner would have got me all enthusiastic. But I suppose we have to wait for Destiny's Conflict to be published before Janny shows it off for us all to see.