F7 and the Enchantresses

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I've only read as far as the end of Vastamrk, so non-spoilers please!!

Why are the F7 so set against the Enchantresses?

I can see the Enchantresses are slightly jealous of the F7's greater powers, but the F7 seem to dislike Morriel's crew a fair bit too, even though their stated aim is merely the easing of troubles?

Ah but it would spoil - the scene you want to unveil this is found next volume, in Fugitive Prince, chapter three, in the subchapter titled Demand.

You'll find the biting questions have answers, as the series moves forward, it deepens. Presumptions get shredded, one layer at a time.

I don't normally respond unless asked - but, as the spoiler if this is answered is inevitable, hope you won't mind. There are subtle clues, before this unveiling scene, but, probably, without hindsight, they could be missed as folks coming through the story for the first time do tend to see what they expect, even when the wording most carefully indicates otherwise.

Have fun trying to see into the layers! :smiley: It's a happy passtime, in this chat…

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Hi - I have been reading some of the discussions on good reads re: WoLaS. Some interesting comments and views.

One thing I read and may have misunderstood was that the Koriani waystone is not the Koriani's most powerful tool? Did I read that right? Someone on goodreads seemed to remember (but could not quote) that there was some other resource available to Koriani, maybe mentioned as a subtle clue in "Ships" or "Warhost".

Just wondering whether anyone has seen this or perhaps I misunderstood.

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No, cannot say I remember it, the Waystone always seemed the most powerful tool they had, maybe the power Morriel has as Prime, inherited from the previous Prime was the hint. But we never found out much about how that works. But there must have been a fair few Primes since the first, we know there was at least a thousand. And while Morriel was setting her web for Arithon in Fugitive Prince, there was I think mention made of what might happened if Morriel died without passing that power on. The power seems separate to the Waystone.

I always thought the most valuable resource the Koriani had was all that trained talent, but Morriel seems to see them as expendable. She only ever valued her precious off world crystals, and the fragmented knowledge of a best forgotten past that Waystone holds.

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From memory… maybe her "knowledge proscribed by the compact" then?

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If that is the case, it definitely describes much of the knowledge stored in the Waystone and probably the Skyron crystals…

I recall that the head of the Sisterhouse where Morriel cast the web, worried that if the Prime passed, then Lirenda would have to try and master the Waystone on her own…

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By Neil
From memory… maybe her "knowledge proscribed by the compact" then?

It would have been the knowledge Morriel was thinking the most important, everyone else is trying to save either Athera and her mysteries, the Clans or Mankind, which are all likely to be more important. But the Koriani have never used that knowledge on Athera, so I never thought of it as a tool, although it would be. But that knowledge in her hands with the power to finally use it, is only likely to lead to destruction.

It will be interesting to see if Arithon clears that Waystone of its stored knowledge when he gets the chance. Or will he just clear it of spirits, imprints and past spells. The Waystone contains the imprint of every Koriani who swore oath on it. Elaira and most of the other seniors who survive would have sworn oath on the Skyron.

The bit I was thinking of in Fugitive Prince.


If that last, held bastion of will should give way, the Matriarch would pass from her office unsucceeded. None other than she could measure the scope of such loss, or comprehend the risk of backlash into cataclysm as prime power ranged free with no prepared vessel at hand to contain the accumulated burden of stored consciousness.
Fugitive Prince(p. 451)

And if Morriel ever gains unlimited use of her power, there are these ones.


To invoke the attempt to dominate a planet would create an unsolvable backlash.
Fugitive Prince(p. 122)


All order dissolved, then mastery and rule, leaving dark like the aftermath of carnage. Next, the slipped threads of power hurled into backlash. Chaos clapped down. For one yawning instant, natural law wrenched off course. Every sane tie to reason unhinged, as if torn from the span of creation. The impact slammed through the mind, then froze there in stopped reverberation. Lawless disorder coiled into itself like craze marks pressed through crushed crystal.
Fugitive Prince(p. 79)