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For your advance enjoyment and speculation, an excerpt from Traitor's Knot has been place on the webpage. You'll find it other the Excerpts menu.

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OMIGOSH OMIGOSH OMIGOSH!!! Talk about an upper-right hook to the chin!!! My mind is swimming and I don't know where to begin! I think I'll wait until a few more souls have had the blessed opportunity to read "Binding" before I start my two-pence…

…must swoon now… off to find a fainting couch…

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You are amazing, what more can I say, I wont be able to sleep at night properly till I have Traitor's Knot in my hands

Is the releae date solid now or are they still pandering about?


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releae -> release


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::picking up jaw from floor::

WOW. Talk about great things coming in small packages! Omigosh… what a big revelation for an excerpt! :smiley:
Thanks for the treat, Janny!


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Bring it on!!! Only another 3 months!!!

This story just keeps on arcing!!! I love it!


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I knew it! Sulvin Evend is teh sleeper hit of the series! Yay! It took me a good 45 minutes to read it, because I pored over every word.


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AAARGGHHHHH!!! … after that u want us to wait til November!!! how can we possibly wait to see some of that resolve!!!

the anguish … and yet i love the excerpts as well

what a killer these last few months will be

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i have two questions for Janny!

(Now that I have had a chance to settle down after reading the excerpt…)

Janny, when the witch says that the Koriani will "not treat with the powers that shadow your prince", is this a reference to the Curse or to the Necromancers?

If it is the former i understand, if it is the latter, then i take it that the Koriani are NOT as powerful as they seem?

(I will understand if the answers to these questions will jeopardise the story line and you decline to answer. :smiley:)


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OH Janny!!! That was cruel!! Like giving a starving man one bite of filet mignon.

Grrr! I loved it!!!

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*heart skips five beats*

I never thought I would say this… but Lysaer needs a hug. And maybe a whack across the noggin' as well. When he's conscious, that is.

I thought I could survive until November but now I'm not so sure. Must… hold… on!


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Like Theresa cleverly picked up on, I think we may have an idea what "Traitor's Knot" refers to!

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November… Ah, Janny, you DO know which buttons to push!!

My question would be: Does Maenol know about the connection?

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WOW!! WOW!!! WOW!!! and DOUBLE-WOW!!!

I come back from a week away to this MAGNIFICENT excerpt, and it's got me in a tizz!!

Oh, roll on release date!!

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thank you Janny, that was lots of fun. I knew that Sulfin Evend would turn out to be special. But I always felt that you weren't done with Diegan and Talith yet either so I could be way off the trail there. Lysaer certainly can use an honest man in his corner [to rule Tysan, not to pursue Arithon] Happy day!

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Don't you just love the way Janny drops you right in it from the begining.

So Lysaer is being drained, probably by the Cabal.
Sulfin is now a linchpin (boy is that going to kick off when he realises it wasn't Lysear but Assandir he owe life debt to)

Right off for a re -read!!!



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One wonders how many more blind old crones the Fellowship has stashed around Athera?

Also, would Arithon deliberately invoke the Curse to free Lysaer from this?

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Trys - the header to the excerpt says that Traitor's Knot is Book VIII and Alliance of Light book V. These numbers are for Stormed Fortress are they not?

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What a fantastic passage to whet the appetite for November! Thank you, Janny!!

Just a quick question: does Enithen Tuer have longevity training or some other way of lengthening her natural lifespan? Hmm…maybe I missed something in CotM. ::trots off to re-peruse::

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Hannah invoked my name. That's always a dangerous thing.

To echo the overwhelming opinion–WOW WOW and WOW again. Mucho-many thanks for this marvleous preview, Janny. Definitely turns a lot on its head and makes the wait both easier and much harder!

November can't arrive fast enough.