Excerpt: Chapter 1

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There's an excerpt located at: https://paravia.com/JannyWurts/website/Excerpts/StormedFortressExcerpt.html

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Not really much of a spoiler though…

Now that the stage is set, what're the bets that the first thing out of Arithon's mouth is
(1) compassionate ["sorry about your relative, but you know, he was strong and never gave in to the darkness"], or
(2) sarcastic/ironic [I don't have a suitable imaginary quote here, but there's no person better able than Arithon to throw out a glib dart when in suffering].

I bet on sarcasm :slight_smile:

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I think Arithon will talk to Sulfin very seriously indeed.

Sulfin still seems to have unresolved issues re: the grimward. But they are both tied to the land.

Raiett is "history"; Davien considered the man "a snake".

I suspect Arithon would pity any victim be it Raiett or Sulfin (the compassion geas, past experiences on Athera, etc.)

Looking forward to it.

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I think it will start out more arcane- SE has some mind expanding drug onboard and he's been immobilized. He will be swept into Arithon's horrific nightmare then share relief through music. Something has to set the stage for dialogue besides fear and suspician.SE is fated to choose between loyalty to the land and Lysaer although he does not fully understand the importance of maintaining the mysteries or how talented he may be. I hope his conversation with Arithon will lead him to ask the Fellowship for guidence and possible apprenticeship as a way to fight the mistwraith.

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And here I was afraid the two wouldn't meet up!

SE maimed and killed Jieret! I'm thinking SE will wake up to Arithon's rendition of Jieret's lament/eulogy. He'll wake up with his soul torn to shreds by grief and guilt through music. Then I wonder if Arithon will play to kill; or if he'll at least want to. He was somewhat attached to Jieret, and not much pleased with how he was treated.

I have to go reread Jieret's scene in Kewar, back in a bit…

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Arithon is playing to heal himself.Jieret was just as loyal and ruthless as caithdien He mourned Jieret's passing in Kewar and in Strakewood. Remember what Dakar said of S'Falenn compasion- he will forgive the knife that kills him. SE has a lot to learn, he was raised to despise the clans, be ashamed of his heritage and was caught up as a very young man in Lysaer's zealotry. We know that he is forming new opinions. Arithon knows the part SE played in freeing Lysear from the cult and at Avenor, so he probably has some modicom of appreciation.

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I'm wondering if what Arithon might play will rather resemble the power/music that "saved" Sulfin Evend from the grimward. Remembering that Arithon was also in that grimward, to not have a discussion about it, would seem non-sensical. SE might even stay sufficiently lucid to actually hear Arithon's explanation…

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From memory, Sulfin did not really accept Asandir's comments re: grimward. Arithon was "asleep" half the time in the grimward…Dakar saw the most I suspect.

What would they discuss that's relevant? Grimwards? Alestron? Lysaer? Mistwraith? Necromancy? Paravians? Desert tribes? Caithdeinen (past and present)?

Less likely…

Royal lines? Koriani? The Fellowship of Seven? Free wraiths? Ath's adepts? Cattrick and co.? Fionn…? Clans? Drakes? Lane imbalance and famine?

Hmm they have a lot to talk about :slight_smile:

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I think free will have to be discussed. SE has to accept he chose to follow Arithon into the grimward because of the same blind loyalty to Lysaer's "cause". He is beginning to understand that the mistwraith is at the root of Lysaer's insanity. I think if there is a discussion, Arithon may offer insight into pre mistwraith Lysaer character and how SE can best serve him now. He will leave history, the compact, and responsibilities of caithdens to the Fellowship to explain.
The desert people can be a bit more tolerant- "hearts and minds" etc.

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Arithon might reasonably ask Sulfin Evend: "So, am I really the monster of your wildest nightmares?"

Arithon might also reasonably ask Sulfin Evend: "You're from Hanshire, the Korias grimward has always been there, you have some mage talent and have had a coterie of Koriathain advising your family for generations. Surely the grimward, its perils and strict rules, even as part of legend, should have been known by you. And, point of fact, *you* chose out of your own free will, to follow me into that dire portent. Can you justifiably argue you and your followers should have had something different happen that what did?"

However, I suspect Sulfin Evend's prime question will simply be - how can I save Lysaer?

I'm not sure we will get blow by blow all of the Light's lies about Arithon, the Fellowship, Ath's Adepts and life in general being discussed by Arithon and SE - we only have one book!

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I wonder if Sulfin Evend's gift of prophecy will kick in and he'll see Arithon for what he truly is just as he saw Lysaer for what he was.

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Sulfin Evend's gift is for seeing the truth, not prophecy. However he does not know how to engage or control his talent. Perhaps the Beider elder gave him the alcohol/drug in order to trigger his gift.

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Janny must be having uncontrable fits of histarics reading all of our conjection and theory crafting about the story. hehe

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I had that image as well. Still this virtual book club is a nice distraction!

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it does help my monotany at work quite well

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This was better than my wildest imaginings for how those two meet up. I can't wait to read the rest.

My bet is he sees one of Arithon's nightmares and hears him play.

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I keep wondering about the song excerpt, regarding East Halla being at war. It only says it's from the Third Age. Was it written long ago in the Third Age about some previous conflict (I'd bet there've been plenty between those three), or a new ditty that will refer to what's about to go down at Alestron?

We know Adruin and Kalesh have been Alestron's enemies for some time. Probably that song is referencing an older conflict (did it really start with a game of darts, or is that a metaphor?). But even so, the fact that it was put at the front of this chapter indicates it is applicable to forthcoming events as well, or at least relevant to SOMETHING said or done in this first chapter of the book. And so far, the chapter has only been referencing Arithon and SE. So we could at least expect a change of setting, in subsequent sub-chapters, to Alestron some place in East Halla… or possibly back to Lysaer to hear his scheming.

Or maybe that lay is only there to set the tone for the book 'as a whole'.

Will Kalesh and Adruin play an active role in the 'storming' of Alestron? Lysaer would be foolish not to try to recruit one or both of them, as they're very strategically placed to help Lysaer's host, and hinder Alestron. And "East Halla’s at war" indicates war with itself, otherwise it could just say "Alestron's at war with someone else."

It seems unlikely that Atwood would STAY "secure" with the expected level of conflict going on 'right next door' essentially.

Oh, and general, hopeful speculation, I can't help but observe how close to Alestron Mirthlvain Swamp is. Maybe Verrain will get to be involved in some more action.