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2 years before I just read the first book and bought all of them in a very short time, and I liked them so much that I coul'nt wait untill Peril's Gate is translated into german. Oh, its hard to read, very difficult english, but so wonderfull. I enjoyed it really also I didn't understand all. the german version will bring light in many things I belive :wink: but I am glad that I tried it, now I can wait with some patience.
It is amazing how characters work and act, I never read such excellente thing.
The description of the fight of the clansman for rescuing Arithon, the whole story with Jieret, I had problems to be in time in school lesson, for I couldn't stop reading, always deep with my nose in the book. My friends thought I am crazy :wink:

Now I am loking forward for the next book, that I also have to read in english. But I could never, never wait for the translation now, not in a hundred years.
But I really hope, there will be more about Mearn s'Brydion, he is one of my very favourite characters. It is in a way sad that he must die before the end. He is the one I would mourn very after his death.

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Welcome to the board, Friederike.

originally posted by Friederike

Thanks a lot :smiley:

Freiderike - welcome - hats off to you, for reading this in English! Here's my astonished applause.
(I have no contract for a German translation on this title - thanks for not waiting).

Mearn will play in Traitor's Knot - look in the sneak previews, he's already glimpsed.

Thanks for posting - what an inspiration you are, to rise to the challenge of reading such a complex book in another language than your own.

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Guten Tag, Friederike! Sie sind so unerschrocken. Ich weiB, wie schwer etwas in andere Sprache zu lesen ist. Wie Sie sehen, daS mien Deutsch sehr schlect ist.

originally posted by Friederike

many thanks for your answers. So I am really happy to have read it in english, but I hope it will be translated in any time.
Complexe, that is really the word. I'ts in a way good that I read the other books in german, so I kow all the characters enough to imagine something I can't understand.
But I see, I have to read it again more carefully that I understand all, now that a translation is far away.

You make me very happy with Mearn, too. I found the sneak preview, it's fantastic to read it. I don't know why, but he is with Arithon my most beloved character.

Dear April, your german is very good, und dankesch’n :smiley: I am glad that I know english, but for many younger students in my school who read this books, the news will be bad. There are some in upper classes with only 1, 2 or 3 years english.

I don't know what the German publisher's plans are - not knowing any German, I can't very well write and ask. If readers want the title, I imagine it will make its own way.

Even when a title contracts for translation, it's often awhile before I see the paperwork, and even longer for the book - I can't fathom what will happen next. I honestly never have a clue how the titles are received, in translation.

Most recently, I know that Warhost and Fugitive Prince are going into Hungarian…and that Poland just renewed for Curse of the Mistwraith.

I don't know when the German publisher released the latest title they have - if it was recent, they could be waiting to see how it does.

Friederike will have a better idea of how readers are receiving the Wars of Light and Shadow, there.

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Friederike -Way to go! :smiley:

I did the same thing you did when I was 13 or so. I was reading Eddings and found out to my frustration that the last two books in the series hadn't been translated yet (I'm swedish). So I ordered them in english and I haven't turned back since! Let's face it, translations just don't compare with the originals, especially when it comes to fantasy. I don't know how it is with the German translations, but here the quality has gone down as the populatiry of fantasy's increased.

Fortunately for me, someone at my local library seems to think the same and there's a huge section (well, relatively speaking :smiley:) of english fantasy. I think I must have read nearly all of it by the time I finished highschool and moved to stockholm (the main library of stockholm doesn't have nearly the same selection, not even today when fantasy is so popular…).

On a side note, now that I think of it, I actually read the Empire series the first time in swedish (due to the fact that the library didn't have it in english). It was many years ago now though and I don't remember how the translation was. Can't have been too bad though, or I would certainly have recalled it :smiley:

Anyway, hang in there Friederike, it's definately worth it! :smiley:

You might have started with something slightly less complex though, but hey, why make things easy? :wink:


It occurs to me - that there are a lot of international readers visiting this site. If we "created" a topic specifically for this - for readers to "post" in their own language, as they wished, and, if there's another fan who can translate (into Any other language) - would they be willing to make the words available to all comers?

This could be fun…its a kind and trustworthy crowd, here. We all might learn something. It would open the board to the other German, Hungarian and Polish and Czech and Russian Wars of Light and Shadows readers, maybe…it could also help readers through a difficult passage, if they were stuck (I know my translators often e mail and ask me stuff - did I mean This or That, really…)

Not to mention, fans who were not English speakers (or any other language!) need not be left out…we are not an exclusive crowd, here.

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German Translations with fantasy go worth more and more, only "Wars of Light and Shadows" and some others are good und readable. I'm going to read more and more english, for then I can be angry with the author, now I am often angry with the translator :wink:

I didn't began with Peril's Gate, but with some other books, but I nevertheless I am still alive after this quantum leap. :wink:


It is a great idea with this special topic :smiley:), especially for questions and those things and it could really be funny. And often it would be better for finding right words if there is a problem or anything else, etc.

Well, oh ye great and munificent gryphon - can we have an International Language topic created for book discussions??