Even the Best Laid Plans...

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I always complain how in TV and movies, when the hero has a great plan, nothing can deter it and it always proceeds exactly as he planned, with the obstacles just falling by the wayside.

But now Arithon has this wonderful scheme to defang Lysaer’s striking blow, and as it was explained to the s’Brydions in chapter 10, Stand Down I thought ‘Wow, that is farking brilliant!’ Make peace with the towns, cut off trade in Tysan, but free it elsewhere so that merchants are no longer under necessary obligation to fund Lysaer’s campaign, and make Lysaer look like a fanatical warmonger.

And then, forces conspire Arithon to apparently have to completely trash that plan. I mean, he’s already made arrangements with Erlien’s clans, and he’s going have to go back and just, you know’ Um, yeah, about making peace with the towns. Sorry, change of plans. Return to your marauding ways.

Pure Janny. Not afraid to set up what the reader would think to be the foundations of the next arc, and then by the dictates of necessity and a huge obstacle, as Arithon says ‘My hopes are as ashes. This act will force bloodshed.’ I was quite distraught. Arithon’s initial plan was wonderful, and I thoroughly would have enjoyed reading the unfolding of it. Grr, stupid necromancers.

However, now I’m curious as to if it’s at all possible that any aspect of that plot can be salvaged. It looks like the only option still workable is if s’Brydion will in fact demolish Alestron and take flight. Which, just judging by the title of the next book, appears unlikely. (Ooh, speculation on that front is dangerous, though!)

Thoughts? Do you think in the 500 years Arithon will get another shot at an idea like this one? Is any of this plan still salvageable, or is all out war now inevitable? How likely do you think it is that Alestron will follow Arithon’s suggestion to demolish and run?


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SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER (Which BTW, if you haven't read the book yet WHY aren't you doing that instead of hangin out on the SPOILER page?)

Anyway, I'm totally with ya Hannah. I was totally feeling this. In fact, I said to my sisters, cuz I was reading ahead of them, "This is the best book for Arithon yet. He's going pretty long without something TERRIBLE happening to him." And then, enter the worst evil we've seen yet, and Davien decides Arithon can handle it. Thanks, Davien.

Yeah, I'm thinking this plan isn't gonna work now. The ppl will be too scared, and Arithon's name is too tarnished for him to come out and speak the truth. Lysaer's ppl will jump on this, and have a field day. Then raise everyone in fear, all over again. We'll need an entirely new generation to try again. UNLESS, Lysaer's lack of control over the mistwraith gets so bad that his light gets out of control and he actually causes some terrible thing to happen, dangerous enough to scare ppl into believing their blessed prince has fallen to sorcery somehow.

I dunno… But things WERE looking good for a while there. Minus that whole, Selidie/Morriel's unforgivably cruel trap… Poor Arithon and Elaira :frowning_face: (But thats another thing all together.)


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Problem with razing Alestron, is you have to believe that you won't win. The temperament of s'Brydion doesn't lend itself well to that belief. I think we are stuck seeing them under siege.

Arithon could try to deal directly with his brother somehow - maybe sing Lysaer's curse under some semblance of control to allow a face to face discussion. Only flaw with that plan is Lysaer's arrogant self delusion that won't allow him to be wrong since that would mean thousands died for nothing.

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Right, and thousand's dying for nothing can hardly be justified by a s'Illesid.

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That's if outright guilt did not drive Lysaer to suicide before he could come to grips with what has happened. He might NEED something like Kewar to make him come face to face with himself, and what he's done. But there is a slight problem with that. If anyone could gum up the works in Kewar, it would be Lysaer s'Ilessid, the Poster Boy for Denial.

It might be funny if something did screw up Kewar. How would Davien react to THAT?

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I don't feel Lysaer could survive Kewar but I haven't thought it through…

My worry is that Lysaer and Arithon are going to cross swords at some point and that they'll simply kill each other. Each sacrificing himself for the greater good in his own eyes…

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spoiler spoiler spoiler

Arithon has control of the curse as demonstrated when Davien went boo! using Lysaer's aura. So, I am not worried about Arithon losing control. I think he will be needed to help Lysaer at some point.