Elaira and Glendien

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Hi All,

I'm new to the boards, but have been a longtime reader of Janny's work (thanks for a lot of wonderful pages, Janny).


I don't understand something about Arithon's "rescue" at the end of SF:

I understand Elaira not being allowed to be intimate with Arithon outside of Paravian wards or without Alithiel.

and let's assume that Athir's (a Paravian ruin) wards are no longer whole.

I understand the Koriathain could cause "new" trouble if Talvish wasn't guarding the south.

But, why was there an overarching concern about triggering the conception sigil wrapped up in Elaira if Glendien's body was the one being used to "rescue" Arithon?

1) how would Arithon trigger the sigil through Glendien to Elaira's womb?
2) If it did trigger because of Elaira's soul, wouldn't it just result in Glendien getting pregnant with a child free of Koriathain influence?
3) if Glendien got pregnant, why would the child be linked to the Koriathain (and so why did the Biedar have to interfere)?

sorry if these questions have been posted elsewhere!

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3) it's a bit fuzzy, but I thought the Biedar interfered to guarantee a conception from the one night ala Meiglin.

I'd have to dig up my book to review the first two questions.

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I think that the sigil was not placed upon Elaira's body but rather imbedded in the aura of her spirit and it would go with her when she 'spirit walked' and so could result in a conception bound by the sigil… even though it didn't take palce in Elaira's body.