eBooks in German from WoLaS?

Hi, is now a Chance for all of Jannnys WoLaS Books in Germany?

I think all Fans was glad for eBooks only (okay, Books was better, but we in Germany say: “In the pain eat the Devil flys”)

Maybe is the planned TV Series about the Midkema-Books a Chance? I think, when she come, will be come a TV Serie about the Kelewan-Books too = more Chance for WoLaS in German :slight_smile:

I will read next books … Book 10 was a eviiiiil Cliffhanger (Lysaer murdered his wife)

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Nothing, no offers from Germany on the agent’s desk. Wish I could report otherwise.
Book 11 will answer it all, you have NO idea what is coming, it is way bigger than you think!
Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm. Means more than you know.